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Gender: Female
Hometown: Glen Ellen, CA
Member since: Thu Dec 8, 2016, 04:33 PM
Number of posts: 394

Journal Archives

Fly your flag on Nov. 3rd

This is a great idea, this is our country, we love it and are taking it back in a big blue tsunami.

Here's a really fun thing to fantasize about

Biden's Cabinet. Harris, Attorney General, kicking ass and taking names. Warren, Treasury, Abrams, HUD. We have a wealth of highly qualified people committed to the welfare of our democracy, our country and people.
Susan Rice for Vice President.
Interesting column from former SF Mayor Willie Brown yesterday

Performance for the world

Andrea Bocceli's gift this morning.
I am not religious, but Amazing Grace sung by this man in front of the cathedral in Milan, alone, was beautiful.

I am so tired of the time suck all the drama has created

Summer of 2016, we were traveling with friends and she was fascinated with the pre-election behavior of Trump. I kept saying to ignore it, no one can take him seriously and after November we will never see him again.
And here we are, three years later, and it is and has been all this time, impossible for me to ignore what has happened, and the creature that has emerged in full from the candidate. I have found it very difficult to ignore the daily outrages and frustrations, so have spent an inordinate amount of time checking news, reading my favorite pundits, watching a few news shows. Nostalgic for a time when we could go about our lives, secure in the knowledge that at least parts of our government were taking care of business in the interest of the country. Thanks, Obama.
Now this trial is starting and we are getting into the full swing of elections that will determine whether our country and likely the world will survive. This is not how I planned to spend retirement.

For the last three years, every damn day

I have been either repulsed, sickened, outraged or very confused by the abomination occupying our white house. Not just the deformed cheeto, the entire republican party. Today, I am terrified, for the lives of thousands of people in the mideast, and for the very future of our country and our world. I admire and respect our Democrats in Congress, but have no clue what remedy they have.
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