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ProudLib72's Journal
ProudLib72's Journal
January 10, 2018

Feinstein did a bad thing releasing those transcripts

I'm sure the bipartisanship McTurtle promised is now off the table

January 9, 2018

Things Are Looking Up: Billboard Swap

I drive down a certain highway to get work, and I like to take notice of the billboards along the way. Last year there were a couple of new billboards that made my skin crawl. One of them was a pro-life ad featuring a baby with a quote "I am a miracle" and then a bunch of conservative BS that was too small to read. Anyway, it being semester break and all, I hadn't been down that highway in a few weeks...until today. And today I noticed a brand new billboard. I was very bright to catch your eye. In big, bold letters it read "Pill, IUD, Implant....Which is right for me?" followed by information about clinics. It was maybe 1/4 mile from the pro-life billboard.

Let's just say that I was delighted by this new billboard, and I took it as a sign that some are beginning to fight back.

January 7, 2018

What Do Deplorables Think of GOP Congress Using tRump?

That's what Joy says is happening, and that's what most of us on DU believe. But I don't think the deplorables realize it yet. They trust that their orange god is omnipotent, watching out for them, and commanding congress to do his bidding. So I have to ask you, Could that be their weakness? If we focus on how tRump is being played by the GOP, will the deplorables turn on their party in favor of their orange god? It might be worth a try.

January 7, 2018

Is tRump a fan of James Joyce?

"A man of genius makes no mistakes; his errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery." James Joyce

It would explain his tweet:


January 4, 2018

Just Got Back from Shorts and T-Shirt Bike Ride

Ahhh, low 50s and oh so sunny. Sorry all you east coast people, but here in CO it's global warming. I'm sure the snowball congress is out collecting batches of snow to store in their freezer for the next time someone brings up global warming. To bad they can't come out here to the front range and enjoy the sunshine and sultry (for January) temps.

Of course, come summer, we won't have any water. That means wildfires everywhere causing airborne pollutants so that it's unsafe to be outside. Better get my biking in during the "winter". Up is down, left is right, and winter is summer.

January 2, 2018

Where is Ghouliani?

Did he make it back from Ukraine?

January 1, 2018

Another Shooting Today: Denver Metro

Just stumbled across this: http://www.9news.com/news/crime/five-douglas-county-sheriffs-deputies-shot-1-killed-in-shooting-in-highlands-ranch/503509572

KUSA - 9NEWS has learned the suspect responsible for the "ambush-style" attack on officers in Douglas County Sunday morning is Matthew Riehl. He was shot and killed by law enforcement.

Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock said during his afternoon press conference that Riehl was known to law enforcement. He was also a veteran, who has exchanged angry tweets with the sheriff's office.

One deputy was shot and killed, four other deputies and two civilians were injured when the suspect fired more than 100 rounds at the officers when they responded to a disturbance at a Highlands Ranch apartment complex, according to DCSO.

How about we try stopping all these shootings for the new year??? That would be a good resolution.

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