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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 06:42 PM
Number of posts: 17,984

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Is Flag Waving a tRumper Thing?

I noticed someone doing it again today as I was driving home. These guys set up beside the road or overpass and wave American flags attached to fifteen foot long poles. No other message, nothing to indicate a reason for doing it. I'm perplexed.

Democratic Army of Trolls

Why not? Push the truth into overload for the bastards and drown out the Russian trolls. If you want to control the narrative, you need to control the media. How much does it cost to run a single ad on TV? How many year round trolls would that single ad pay for? Think of the havoc 1,000 Louise Mensches could cause if their one and only job was to cancel out the Russian propaganda machine. Summer internship for the DNC anyone?

The Abortion Issue IS Black and White

I don't like this muddying of the waters by those acting as apologists for Catholics. You can be Catholic and not impose your beliefs on others. To be Catholic and a Democrat means that you, personally, would not have an abortion, but you would never tell another woman she is not allowed to have one. If you try to force your beliefs on someone else, you are not a Democrat. You are a religious fundamentalist zealot. Simple as that. So, NO, we don't need to bend the rules to fit these people in. NO, the Democratic party will not conform to your ideals. NO, we won't let you sneak in through the back door and divide us further.

Allowing Nazis into Your Rally is Condoning White Nationalism

Pretty simple concept, really. But it was a non-event. I guess optics don't apply to tRump.

We have all seen how tRump handles rally attendees who disagree with him. He could have had the skinheads ejected, but he didn't. He could have denounced their ideology, but he didn't.

I will not be surprised when, at his next rally, he invites some of them up onstage with him.

All of You DUers Alive During the Civil War

Remind me, were we also at war with North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria at the same time?

When is the Great Fixer going to fix something?
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