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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 5,559

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a while ago someone on here had asked for information of erosion control

does anyone here know who that person was and would love a follow up on their efforts .

good people still exist .

:loveya :


dear du. i have heart problems and have been using scooters to do my shopping as i get tired. however , i want to walk again with my walker which has a seat so i can sit down and rest abit. a while ago i was in our local walmart and saw a lady with a cloth bag hanging from the underside of her walker . have tried everything to come up with it on the internet but no avail with search terms. is this a custom job or can it readily available on line or do i have to go to specialty medical shops to find one . thanks in advance allan01 bear.

day 2 and no side fx ,so far.

re; 2nd moderna shot

so far , no side fx ,except for ouch. last time , had a sore shoulder for a few days , so we shall see what later to day and to mrrow brings .

i gotta get me one of these. my wrapping skills stink.

and you thought hybrids are a new idea. wrrooonnng.


get ready to cry.

honk if youre happy

la sufriere volcano, second eruption and manditory evacuations .

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