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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 02:45 PM
Number of posts: 10,390

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this is the first music synth, not the first computer to make music.

rca Electronic Music Synthesizer.

things will get a little dicy for sonora ca tonight /tommrow /fri.

from pg and e metero

nws 7 day
snow from 1 to 2 feet in spots above 3000 feet, eep

giant condor hugs man who rescued it.

giant condor hugs man who rescued it.

whole lot of shakin goin on.

grat balls of fire .

computer music. note the first computer ever to play music was built in au

using this methold later the engnineers used a speaker to do this

im watching a delayed broadcast of the macys thanks giving day parade .

via youtube and a chap called bagels and walks . using a lowly iphone 14 . nothing said just let it roll. better than a nationial big corperation with lots of cameras and lots of terrestrial microwave . happy thanksgiviing du.

post editied and a link provided below

with all the nonsense that the rs a spewing about gays ,,,, i have this memory

of when the gays in the usa walked out in a general strike . one thing that sticks out to me was in ny where a lot of the office buildings were dark and many students walked out of class. however i dont remember what year . am i dreaming?

Discovery of Underwater Cedar Trees Answers questions about Ice-Age Melting.

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