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Pre-existing conditions.

I talked to a person today by chance. The person had surgery to resolve a life threatening condition. I noticed medical aids the person was still using and had to ask questions about what happened.
I was told what happened, but it is what I was told next that blew my mind. Surgery to correct the condition cost the person several hundred thousand dollars. The person seemed psyched out because the insurance policy that the person maintained for seven years is refusing to pay any of the cost, even for medicine and physical therapy, ZERO, nothing at all.
Even if the person had a shitty, high deductible policy that President Obama warned about, the out of pocket for the type of surgery seems high (brain surgery to relieve pressure on the brain and fusing of a disk in the spine). Maybe the Doctors on DU can give an idea of how much such surgery cost, but from what I understood it cost $200-300 thousand dollars and the insurance company is refusing to pay a dime, citing pre-existing conditions because the person had a spinal injury in an automobile accident that existed before the policy was purchased.

Any thoughts?

I suggested that the person call a law office that sues insurance companies, but with Trump in office and republicans rolling back consumer protections, trying to repeal Obamacare and stacking the Courts with incompetent rightwing stooges, I am not optimistic.

BTW, hearing the person's story is why I want to rip the throats out of the "no difference" idiots and the Bernie or busters. What is happening to that person can happen to any middleclass or poor person who doesn't have a free few hundred thousand dollars sitting around.
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