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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2017, 05:53 PM
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Look like the Dodgers have collapsed.

This seems to happen a lot. Barely win an emotional game that the team needed to win, then lose the next one in a tough way. The next game is basically mailed it. The Red Sox (ok, red sux to Yankees fans) are up 5-1 in Game 5 with all the momentum appearing to be with the Red Sox (back, to back, to back home runs over 4 innings), game now in the 7th with the Red Sox having some horses that they can bring out of the bullpen to close it out.

Just in person early voted.

Moved my schedule around a bit to vote around 10:30am. Actually had to stand in line, a first. One guy said that first day of early voting has a line. Voted straight Democratic Party candidates down the line. We have awesome people running this year in Florida. Voted against the two Rick Scott Judge retentions.

Two of Baseball's 4 bluest of Bluebloods will meet.

If you are a baseball purest, the coming series has to induce orgasms in you. Baseball has not seen this since the last time Reggie Jackson's New York Yankees met Tommy Lasorda's Hollywood Huggers in the World Series. The next remotely closest World Series was the 2004 Boston Red Sox versus the Saint Louise Cardinals (though Saint Louie is one of the 3 lesser bluebloods.).

Baseball's Four bluest of Bluebloods:
New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants.

The Three minor Bluebloods:
The Chicago Cubs, The Saint Louise Cardinals, The Pittsburgh Pirates.

Man oh man!!! Got to go change my shorts and take a shower. The coming stuff is going to bring lasting memories.

Did the fan interfere with Betts over the field?

After looking at several angles, I say yes, the fan did. Joe West got the call right. In the best photo that I saw, I could clearly see the fan leaning over the field and impeding Betts' glove as the ball was incoming. The fan subsequently not only closed Betts' glove, but prevented him from moving it rightward (standing at home plate looking out) to get to the ball with an open glove.


Has anyone seen a squirrel lick concrete. It is fall in Florida. I see a young squirrel out on my patio licking away at the concrete. I have no idea what it is after. Has anyone seen this before?
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