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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,881

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The boog

Journal Archives

Slobbers this morning the furry boys apex predators ,I'm slicing up meat.

This morning Iím slicing up roast beef for luncheon meats and tippy taps and slobbers are on full display as woofs and barks as well. Yesterday I sliced up ham for lunch meat also then we freeze and thaw what we need , the furry fellas only scored small bites of ham as itís not best for pups I was once told.

Two year old grandson just went running past the kitchen bar naked

Sitting at the kitchen bar making grocery list with my fellas canít forget the dog food . Grandson went streaking past with a piece of toast in his hand and the menace of the galaxy dunk the golden in pursuit.

I had mister cleaned up and dressed to greet the day so the mystery is between me making this third cup coffee then checking on him how did he get undressed so fast ,tell you all he was feeling rough yesterday pediatrician said it was ear infection she put him on antibiotics i think the antibiotics are working medical science cool stuff.

Just read this helpful tip to get you through the holidays if you have small children.

Wrap empty packages place them under the tree and if the child acts up grab an empty package and toss it the fireplace.

The olfactory gland is working boys and I came home reeking of pizza.

Fellas and I hit the gym early then stopped around at pizza buffet at 10:30 this morning.

We walked through the door and just had K9 noses sniffing us really human fellas traitors we love you and you do us this way.

You know we love pizza and you know we canít survive on dry boring dog nuggets alone yes you do mix wet food with the dry. Yet who does not love pizza we will be meeting later to see if we should call PETA.

Told fellas I just hope PETA allows visitation we do love these furry boys.

A huge crisis here this morning,the electric can opener wasn't working

Boog says WTB (what the biscuits )how are we gonna eat our wet food ,we just canít eat dry we are not savages we prefer a mixture.

Boog says - Shit the boys are gone and is the man capable of using the manual can opener.

All is ok the can opener wasnít plugged in.

A rainy day here thinking of soup

Iím thinking chicken soup although I found this recipe for stuffed cabbage soup.

Or stuffed pepper soup in the mood for a taste of tomato or sauce.

I'd like to say thank you to our furry K-9's for protecting us from being murdered.

These furry pups have saved us from serial killing mail people or packages delivery personnel over the years . MR Big paws is 14 and Boog the chocolate lab is 12 they no longer feel it necessary to protect us as they did in their youth reason is they both have aged and become older arthritic and hard of hearing.

So they have passed the torch of guard dog to Dunk pup the golden retriever who is a great protector of his pack / hoomans. Dunk is terrified of the new remote control for the television.

If we even use it the new remote control and point it at the television Dunk pup becomes unglued and starts barking hackles raised. I told the boys I am wondering if dunk pup is a Luddite Iíll probably call our vets in morning to ask.

I know this woman who doesn't think her shit stinks.

I know her from pup daycare she drops her sweet dog off to play she will jump line in waiting to go in never says word to anyone except the owners sheís very rude her license plate not official PA license the vanity plate one on front reads Doctors wife.

I was in pup daycare lobby once she was upset when her pup was put into pup camp detention she threatened to file lawsuit ,they let you know me Iím like yea I know Dunk is a brat he likes start shit.

So I saw her in the local grocery store this morning fellas and I and I said hey howís it going I didnít know that you worked here in produce she just glared at me.

The biggest danger in taking your child to a drag show is.

A christofascist may show up with a weapon.

Just read this on Twitter how true.

In bed with a dunk pup , I love sleeping with the furry boys.

Especially when you roll over in bed and get stabbed by a bone that has been buried into the blankets.
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