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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
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The boog

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I really suck at being a disciplinarian beware a ramble

I always have even with our daughters. And now with our two thirteen year old sons. As I sit here drinking coffee with my wife , her words to me your just a softy. Yesterday we received a letter from the school. Asking why we never signed and returned the two write ups over our sons and horseplaying on the bus. As my horseplay syndicate walked through the door yesterday I presented the letter from the school. Immediately their response was dad we forgot, I replied you forgot twice. Dad it was just a mistake a big misunderstanding. I replied really a misunderstanding twice. Thatís it no computer or x box or guitar.

Their great kids on honor roll never really written up before. And I understand that their boys. Now did they actually forget I doubt it and I cannot handle deception or deceit. Well I can handle deception in infantry operations smoke and mirrors that was a joke or attempted humor. So I relaxed the punishment this morning and let the boys out on parole.

Iíll say this our daughters their grown now never got a write up in school. The only problem I personally ever had was once going to university to bring our youngest home for break And in her trash can I noticed a aftershave bottle. Now I knew that a guy she brought home for Christmas break used that aftershave. So in the car I causally interrogated her young lady your father is very observant.

Teaching our sons the truth on trickle down economics

So sitting at the dining room table with our sons. With the three domestic wolves I give a demonstration. I ask boog the chocolate lab can you be BOOG Corp and the top one percent in this project. Boog gave me several wag wags and drooling so I took that as a yes man. Iíll be the top one percent in this project.

Now for demonstration purposes only dad will play the house and senate repugs and our golden retriever and Newfie will be the working class. So I say see how boog kisses my hand and wag wags in real life that is the one percent cash donations to my campaign I can be persuaded and bought. Because the Supreme Court has allowed oligarchs and corporations to buy democracy.

So I get a piece of toast with jelly and tell boog Iím going to give you this toast with jelly. You take and then reinvest it with the other dogs and boog ate the whole thing. And now the other two dogs look at me man what about us. And I said now boys we totally ignore them ,as weíre the senate and House and we legalized the theft from the working class. In this tax scam bill that has passed and that is why never vote republican boys.

President carter a fine president

Is a discussion weíre having at work this morning. Not sure how it got started the discussions basically are always over the yard jockey radios. Now I respect mr Carter one of his most amazing accomplishments was the peace accord between Egypt and Israel. And as young man I served in a infantry battalion that pulled six months in the M.F.O. Multi national force to keep peace in Sinai this was in the 80s my tour.

Even though president carter only served one term and I was teenager. I tell these guys I work with the peace deal he brokered is still in effect today. Today Sinai has changed with elements of isis but when I was there. It was a beautiful peaceful tour of duty and I came home with a awesome tan for Christmas. And jimmy Carter stopped the killing between Egypt and Israel and that is quite the accomplishment.

Just changed diaper on my grandson no bragging

I have not changed a diaper in years. But hey I still have it at 52 years old. My wife and I have five children three grown daughters 33 28 23 years old and two 13 year old boys at home. Our daughter and son in law has come to visit for a few days with our grandson and I told our daughter go lay down. Take a load off I have it covered, you guys need a break.

So the boys are thirteen year olds and grandad were playing with their nephew and I was like oh no I smell a stinky. And the baby was happy after the stinky I said fellas to my boys go get the baby bag we have a job to do. As I sit and watch our grandson. I worry for his future as I do for our sons, my wife and I put our daughters through college with no student loans. And I want to do the same for our sons, Iím a union truck driver now yard jockey and never been to higher education. My wife has excelled in college and beyond but today it is hard for younger generation since we made it in 1987 after I got out army. I ramble but with the tax scam bill and gop I do worry for those I love and their future.

Deep state meetings tire the boog out

Yes boog is a resistance trooper as he is snoring on the couch he was up late. Iíll level with you he has heart. Beside just hanging out for snacks at the meeting he is in the fight against tyranny . Example when I got up to get a new deck of cards he mr boog liberated some little smokies from my paper plate. And just looked And wagged at other members at the table hey guys man wonít mind. He is a great trooper to have in this fight.

The boog the chocolate lab

So Iím at the store and see a cool Labrador in training a service dog and Iím thinking awesome puppers . And then I am in checkout and look out the glass windows and see my boog he is licking the driver side window. Heading into parking lot My stable genius sees me I get the WOOF WOOF man here man you need to come here this is our car. I climb in get ear kisses and wag wags man it is a good thing I saw you. you could have got into a different car I have your back man. And he was free of charge as a puppy 8 years ago.

Ran into some milita types I find humor

Last evening my wife and the boys and I walked to the pub. For dinner they have awesome crab cakes, anyway from the dining room I could see a group of grown men wearing BDUís battle dress camo. Sitting at the bar knocking back pitchers of beer. And I could hear them talking amongst themselves. I gather they spent the day at a local range shooting targets. Now in my observation I kind of think these clowns would have a hard time fighting off a troop of Girl Scouts. What Iím getting at is their physical condition was not battle ready for the upcoming revolution that they think they will fight in.

In humor my wife of thirty one years says that Iím a human border collie. As in one good habit I took from three years in infantry is exercise and Iím always ready to do something. But checking out these milita clowns last night what Iím saying is majority of them definitely had to order their fatigues from the big and tall. Age wise they probably were from late 20ís to mid 50ís. And some of them were sporting berets and Boonie hats. Iím like smiling as a few had high and tight haircuts.

Walking back from menís room I so wanted to say to them. Maybe you guys should hit the gym and PT to get ready for your revolution,instead of spraying and praying at the range. But I did not we all headed home.

Our golden retriever cant you see Marshall tucker band

It is his theme song our golden as he loves his significant other. My wife his mother is how we refer to her when we speak for golden furry boy. Every morning when she walks out the door to go to her office he is crushed. But this morning was terrible as she walked out the front door with a suitcase. He knows that means she will be away overnight and he is crushed. As I lay on the couch trying to read he is next to me stop reading man touch me cuddle me. This is a crisis she is gone with a suitcase. And as I rub him and pet him I get the golden Moans and groans. He is such a sweet furry boy he just doesnít understand. And I feel bad for him because he has it bad for his significant other my wife. Itís a good thing our golden says you took two days off to watch the boys and me man.

Im reading again Guy sajer forgotten soldier

Iíve read it three times once in the 1980s and then last year. And again today after sajer transfered to infantry and completed training. As he describes the battle of belgerod in summer of 1943 I am thinking Guy sajer is in battle of Kursk.

And what I am thinking is sajer was a landser and as we all know as infantrymen you have no clue where your at higher ups make those decisions. And sajer first language was French,Just my observations.

As in how some question if this is authentic. I do think sajer served in Gross Deutschland I do not feel in reading this. That it should be taken as battle history of the GD on east front. But rather one mans personal experiences that were written after the war. Who perhaps struggled with the horror and memories of east front.

Boog and cone of shame

Busy morning boog and I got home from the vets. This morning boog got into it with raccoons , I got home from work went outside. To have my coffee and smoke my pipe around 0600 And boog gets into it with raccoons. Boog is like I see I do into action raccoons or skunks last year he was sprayed three times and I bathed him. This morning stitches and rabies booster and now he is exhausted he has heart even at eight years old,I love him deeply he is awesome.
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