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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,880

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The boog

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What is it with teenagers and ripped jeans

A friend of our sons she came home with them. I had to bounce her a little bit I asked what the hell kiddo she informed me that was the style ripped jeans. She paid $42 each for them $84for them I told next time by 4 pair for $ 20 each. And bring them to me I will hook you up for free.

Trick or treat tonight so much cutenesses with the kids

And the candy is being handed out and boog is trick or treating as a well behaved dog. He has been doing the tippy tap bounce dance kids kids I love kids lady and man. These kids have all come out to see me wearing their costumes this is awesome.

In waiting room at dr this young mister is 5 telling me about Santa

So this young mister was telling me how he will be waiting up on Santa Claus this year. As I sit here waiting for our one son to come out from seeing doc on possible pink eye.

I told him I tried that once about your age and you know what happened.

He replied with a head shake of no.

I told him I couldnít stay awake and to show me what a naughty boy I was in trying to stay up to see him . Santa just left me underwear and socks no toys. I hope I reached him got through to young mister he looked at his mom with big eyes.
Definitely not a good idea trooper

I feel for barron trump dammit I'd take the boy fishing if I could

As a father I am thinking you trump are a ass but dammit you are at the World Series and you did not take your son. Ok Iím at work half hour until quitting time. And I saw that trump took scalise and gaetz to game 5 but not his boy.

And you know as parent Iím thinking that is so fucked up. I think Barron probably has no friends his age and I seriously doubt if his father ever does anything with him he is probably a very lonely young man.

Queer girls Band practice today I'm doing stroganoff

At times Iíll jam with friends three girls well nice young women. They are in university and they have a band called queer girls a trio. And at times Iíll sit in with them like Friday night I did as they played a brew pub. To fill out the sound as second guitar. Iíll plant my scrawny ass on a stool by the amps cabinets backline and hit it with my guitar out of sight cuz it is all about these three young ladies.

Why I even scored a one night stand in meeting a 52 year old red headed attorney at that gig. Not bad for a 53 year old union teamster turns out I knew her for 34 years her name is my wife. Between sets I sat with her trying to pick her up I told her Iím into older elegant women .

Then I pointed this young kid out to her. I said see that college kid the drunk one trying to score on this other college girl the future Brett kavanaugh he was talking to me in bathroom as his buddy Matt gaetz 2.0 was puking in the toilet asking if I was in the band. I said nope I have a day job dude and by the way are you 21.

I told her I was thinking he should be hitting the acne medicine instead of beer weaving in rest room. He bailed fast out the menís room leaving his buddy puking after I questioned his age. I hung around waiting on the future Supreme Court justice to finish puking just to make sure he was ok. I handed him wet paper towels he was fine.

Today Iím teaching Jess guitar and Abby bass queen donít stop me now. And Pearl Jamís crown of thorns piano parts as well just on guitar. My one night stand is still in bed with our Golden retriever boys are not home yet. Iím bored flying on caffeine beats booze no hangovers am making a stroganoff for today.

1962 lefty Japan Stratocaster Hendrix vibe guitar class ninth grade

Young dude has open Jam today in guitar class and he can hang doing study hall after guitar class and jam with friend so 1.5 hours of sonic today. And now weíre all right handed players. And several years ago with his summer job earnings he came to me and asked dad itís $450 on Craigslist look dad a 62 Japan Strat reissue it has rosewood fretboard. I contacted the owner via email dad here is his cell phone. We went we played the seller was a right handed player and he was going for that vibe as well and we came home with it case and all.

Tone wise I can hear slight differences as the E strings are shorter they stand off the single coils in string alignment And you do get really soft lows and noticeable highs. Now since his brother is driving heís loaded up our thunderbolt amp that I think in 79 I bought for $200 used with a assortment of used pedals then. Itís a tank you canít carry that on the bus. He makes me smile as he is really into guitar and is so serious at his age in getting it Wright.

On storming the ramparts Dam Matt gaetz and freedumb caucus and gop

Cannot even get a repug circle jerk wright. I am very relived that there was no farm animals at the capital building today.

Hey boog a woman said you were rude

I made a run to the farmers market for pie and apple butter. The boys love apple butter oh yea and I picked up apple cider. So it is still open air market this time of year. And especially on weekends we get a lot of out of town visitors to Gettysburg. Not many customers today boog and man maybe half dozen cars in parking lot.

So Iím getting resupplied and as usual boog is barking orders from the car his head out the window.

Boog - man get tummy yummies the lady is traveling for work and will party.

Iím standing in line and this older couple like 3 in front of me in checkout comment to the other couple behind them on the boog barking in the car. She said that dog is so annoying he needs to taught manners.

I had to interject and said yea really what a untrained rude dog some people and their pets . I then added did you notice him with his head out the window seriously he looked like he had a sloping forehead and a unibrow.

Man- hey boog this lady said you were unmannered and rude dog

Boog - Was it nana man I thought she was in jersey wag wag lick lick cool you got pie man

Man - Get your head out the bag asshole

I wanted pass out frozen chicken patties for Halloween this year

Our local grocery store sales them probably 20-25 for $10 a bag. They do the same with breaded fish flanks frozen meatballs usually food they do not sale that they make from their hot bar the boys and friends love them for after school snacks. So I scored this morning at grocery store. So I was just talking to my wife sheís traveling for work.

So I said to my wife letís switch it up will pass out. Frozen chicken patties frozen meatballs and frozen cheese sticks. She then told me weíre doing candy ok dear your in charge I then added the same old vanilla Halloween for 33 years I need variety.

I think our golden retriever needs glasses

Standing in the kitchen I tossed boog and his brother dog biscuits. And the golden misses and boog scores. So I toss mr golden another biscuit nope boog scores again.

Iíve noticed over maybe last year mr golden started missing quite a bit. So I gave him two biscuits I told him we cannot rely on boog to do the seeing eye dog for you golden boy.
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