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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,880

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The boog

Journal Archives

Talking with boog the chocolate lab I get a wag wag

I think the wag wag are I love you man as we cuddle on loveseat. boog has this immune deficiency problem where his body is under attacks on his muscles. He is nine I love him so much I watch him limping around breaks my heart.

He boog has no clue he is suffering I watched him go off. At a fast limp barking after a rabbit, I love him. And I think you have heart.

Bernese golden retriever pups 50$

I stopped to see my blueberry pie dealer after the gym. And she showed me pictures on her phone at the bakery, she said were asking 100$ but for you 50$ I had to be strong and say no after I text my wife telling her telling her their so cute ,She text back NO.

Ham egg cheese sandwiches today standardized testing

Since they have moved the bus stop to in front of our house. Mondayís have become the breakfast mornings as I work Monday night to Friday night. And the boys friends show up early for ham egg cheese sandwiches or to just hang out in living room. If it is raining or really cold out waiting for the bus, nine sandwiches this morning chef was rolling on the hot grill.

And the kids have their second round of pssa testing. So I made huge sandwiches two eggs loaded with sliced ham and cheese to give the kids fuel to do well. Now I have hit the store and restock the orange juice bread and chocolate milk.

But our dogs really enjoy breakfast Mondayís as well. They really enjoy the mooching and they score.

Trump Wisconsin stating docs mothers determining if baby lives

WTF I been out loop couple days not watching news. This shit is I hate to say it is like Hitler.

How many of you remember consulting with a doctor after your child was born to see if you wanted to euthanize the baby.

Today in person Iím stopping at my local gop congress trump sycophant Scott perry and in person delivering a letter about this propaganda, not sure what good it will do but I have to fight back on this bullshit.

Weird dream

Last night I dreamt I scored a whole case. Of Applebeeís deep fried fish and was I happy, I came home and showed my wife in my dream my score.

Checked on our sons this morning when I got up

I rolled out of bed around 04:30 and I always stop at each boys room. And I look in on them I have done the same when our daughters were young. And these guys are growing up at fifteen their young men. Our one son was born when I was 38 and we adopted the other thru foster program. I went in this morning and removed misters ear buds as he fell asleep last night listening to music or perhaps watching you tube guitar videos.

And checking in on our other son he was spooning the chocolate lab menace of society ,as they both shared pillows. I smile as they both crashed in boxer shorts and their both gaining on me In their height five ten five nine. They already have me on weight 150 and 156 to my 145 and Iím six foot.

How things change I remember buying sanitary napkins and feminine products at the store when our daughters were young. And now Iím buying razor blades and aftershave one is aqua velva and the other one is old spice. Deodorant their both axe body spray I need a old army pro mask at times when they use the axe body spray.

Even going to the gym it has changed they both now just hang out on the iron pile. They want to get bulked up to quote them we do not want to be scrawny like you dad. Iíll hit weights after cardio then off to the pool to swim laps. It is kind of lonely in the pool because I donít have two sharks trying to ambush and dunk dad anymore I enjoyed that. Now Iím like the outlaw Josey Wales I have to be a guerrilla fighter when I take em on, because if they both come after me at same time Iím in big trouble.

A example of my insurgent tactics yesterday our one son was standing bent over looking in the fridge and I walked past and couldnít pass up the moment to pull his bum hair on his plumbers crack. So it was over I knew it because he called his brother to help him out , I stood my ground using my infantry fu hand to hand training fort benning 84 ,But it did not help. As they had me down even the chocolate lab menace came to join in oh wag wag weíre getting man I told chocolate lab heís fired as my chief Dan George.

So as I sit here this morning waiting for my guys to roll their asses out of bed. So we can hit the gym plan was get us up at 6 am dad well I tried. Here they did not go to bed until around 0200 he said. Dad letís go at 9 am we went to bed late , as I hit him with his pillow I asked thatís not my problem he said 9 am and rolled over two candy asses.

Rain today was gonna fish but instead a friend of our sons coming over. Weíre gonna jam family room already looks like used music store amps cables pedals guitars in their stands.

Looney tunes three bears baby bear is Boog

Sitting in diner having coffee just laughing because earlier on tv. They were showing looney tunes the three bears a bear for punishment 1951 I looked it up and cannot post from my I phone.

But sitting here thinking when junior bear says pa, if you would replace that in the boog the chocolate labs brain with man lady or boy, Definitely the boog big heart loving but a boog. And a walking menace of society he was free.

The boog A child crying doing a Easter egg hunt that dog ate my egg

As my wife and I sit on back porch having coffee. Getting ready to hard boil eggs and color them for a Easter egg hunt. At our daughters home it is for the older kids and our grandkids will be humped around as well for the hunt.

My wife brought up the time at the elementary school. kindergarten our son and as parents we once again colored eggs for the class. And hung out as the kids searched for them, and I let boog run around as he enjoys kids. Not realizing that boog was hunting eggs as well and eating them.

And a little boy came crying to the teacher saying that dog ate his egg that he found. So I went and gathered the boog and put his leash on him. So today my wife said mr boog you will be sequestered in the yard doing the hunt.

Mr brownstone slash and Izzy

Coming from the front room , our son is trying to figure it out on guitar. As I stand at the keurig in the kitchen, in my mind I can see the notes that are picked the hammer ons. And he makes a mistake and I hear dammit so softly and then back to trying to figure it out. I want to help him but at times he will say Iíll get it dad ,Iím heading to the porch back porch cuz Iím in my boxers Iíll spare the neighbors the sight of my chicken legs as the boys say to have my coffee and pipe.

Reading again my fathers journals from Vietnam

So this is his second tour 69 with the 173rd. So Iím not sure if this is battalion ops or brigade.

So after inserting with chinooks they moving along as company element and NVA starts putting out indirect fire mortars

So Iím reading this and thinking the NVA is trying to find them with indirect and if they had wounded naturally we would call in birds for our wounded. And then NVA could find true trace or how they were moving.

I am so thankful as airborne infantry my total time was peaceful 84-87. In reading my fathers journals , can you imagine and I read into what he wrote. Most would think inserted by chinooks moving along. My old man passed away in 2000 car accident, I just want what I read and what he lived to be know.

I see in my old mans journals humping under a rucksack sweating your nuts off. Then you hear the indirect rounds from NVA leaving mortar tubes. Man Iíd be so afraid,Can you imagine in those few moments thinking I have to lay flat. Then the moment of relief that the indirect landed on a piece of earth away from you and no wounded. Every second wound tight man thatís so fucked up.

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