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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
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To catch a predator Usmc fly fishing training today

Yup weíre gonna diversify , from the world of ultralight spinning to medium spinning fishing to fly fishing. I never really got into fly fishing but itís time to change at 53 years old. Our instructor is jay a friend Iíve known for at least 3 decades we have worked as teamsters steering wheel holders Preston 151 red star then roadway I left after the roadway yellow merger. Screw your pension relief I went to another freight ops paying full pension.

Ok Iím sorry rambling Iím bored my wife and mother in law headed out to shop for grandkids , boys hit their jobs at horse farm they get done 14:00 maybe 15:00. So Jay is coming to pick me up, I joke heís good friend father husband former marine kid battle of Hue city. So usmc vet is teaching fly fishing to us why The boys and dad love to fish and weíre out together regardless if we are on em catching or not , I saw a guy other week pulling bass out lake in canoe with fly set up.

It was mid day hot and we bagged fishing they were not biting on our spinning set up so the boys and dad put the kayaks in to stroll around the water and grounded zodiac until evening ,trout bass like to feed early morning and evenings. And in the midday heat when fish like to go deep cooler water this guy was cleaning house in middle of the Day sun was high he was catching bass on flies casting into the water lily patches and flooded trees.

So this will give us in our arsenal capabilities to keep on catching, we live near fabulous limestone streams for trout as well and this time year trout looking up so fly fishing we will be able to venture into summer trout instead of our ultralight spinning reels spring and fall hunts.

So jt is taking me to local fly shop this morning so we can gear up spend a little for quality the boys and dad at decent price. Then itís on will be unstoppable I love catching trout brownies natives , I love when you hook a rainbow and the sun hits it so beautiful. And always so careful keeping them in water I teach my boys donít try handle them always by the mouth, in holding their bodies that film they have to protect them from parasites catch and release.

A discussion with my son on hammer ons I don't think Grandma appreciates dads zepp guitar school

At 0600 in morning she grabbed her crossword and coffee and headed out too the patio. Come on nana itís not like weíre jamming Marshall stacks , quite the opposite weíre using 1 watt tube amps. So todayís lesson plan is zepp Iím gonna crawl, our one son was picking at it.

So dad had to get involved as in Grabbing our favorite herd member ok well dads favorite made in japan tokai Les Paul I said fellas I been in a longer relationship with this beautiful tone beast longer than your mom 35 years to be exact.

I remember the day we met in GIESSEN west Germany I hopped the train from KIRCH GOENS I had cash cuz my infantry batt we just pulled off a FTX field training exercise, we recovered our gear then like week later we bagged ass for back to back grafenwoer and then hohensfeltd. So I was loaded up with cash fellas and I went to pick her up at guitar store.

Yes dad we have heard this love story many times in how you and the Tokai met. I said boys these guitars sent Gibson into a oh shit the masses our gonna find out we been price gouging.

So the song opens from C then to G sharp the f shaped G sharp then slide down too the f shaped G to get that pinch hammer on. So we had to go the tapes like the NFL instant replay we had to go to the album well internet album vinyl is a dinosaur. so after the A to G to F is there a hammer on with the F cord , when the song is coming out chorus from the G to the F then back to intro C.

In that from the F to the C there is a hammer on B string. so ok I turn to my mother in law in dining room as we were all at table.

Teb - what do you hear I hear a hammer on in that F itís on B string.

Mother in law or AKA NANA -I think Iíll go to the patio for some peace and quiet itís much to early for this.

Teb - Why nana itís never to early for zeppelin

So as nana leaves and our sons smiling at me why because I just got my ass verbally kicked by a 78 year old Scottish woman. I smiled back at my boys and started playing ZZ Top party on the patio ,my one son reaches over and mutes the neck no dad.

Boog will not eat a carrot if offered in the house

Then feeding my wild herd of bunnies in lower pasture. I turned around and boog was eating the baby carrots off the ground.

I stood watching him thinking seriously dude.

Dad favorite saying WTF Memories of Appalachia our first bonafide Vietnamese sighting

A ramble my brother went home Iím wide awake had a lot of coffee,Anyway we wrapped up night fishing around 02:00. The boys were breaking their necks trying stay awake, we trailered the fv fishing vessel polish around 23:00 and built a fire and fished rest night from the shore. So we get back home and the boys head to bed and my brother and I hang on back porch shooting the breeze.

He hung around as he likes beer and his wife of 28 years like my wife of 33 years has fine tuned beerdar. Seriously before I quit drinking I could be in the basement my wife upstairs in kitchen, and I would pop a barley soda and Iíd hear what are you doing hon. Iíd reply nothing and think how does she know, to quote the holy grail Michael palin sheís a witch Iíd try to reason it out that is my conclusion on my dear wifeís beerdar.

So instead of going home and getting the look from his wife he hung with me, I wonít give him the look. My brother and I were a lot alike proud union workers veterans a 50 and 53 year old mentally immature adult children. Example we were talking about a prisoner snatch in kidnapping our youngest brother from his new marriage and family republican Jesus Fox News kkklan. I said dude heís blood we could roll over middle night kick in door duct tape his misses and snatch his ass and de program him with hours of Bernie Sanders videos. We could use the garage as a hide sight, I said we could pull it off we were both former infantry.

So we get to shooting the breeze and he brings up our father. The old man was hardcore seriously a United steel mill worker 31 years and retired. Unfortunately he passed like two years later car accident. Ok he lost leg his second tour in Vietnam two tours with 173rd he was gonna make army a career but his outlook on life fuck it it was just a leg Iím walking above ground.

This was probably I donít know 1976 maybe later our mom and church really were involved in the boat lift and several families were relocated too our little soon to be huge economic depression real estate the rust belt. Yup the steel mills were gonna get there asses kicked and the pit mines already were on the ropes. Regan cheese and getting drenched with golden shower trickledown economics was what maybe five years away.

So I remember as my bro this Vietnamese family the church is helping and our parents were really involved and all of a sudden our old man is speaking Vietnamese to these people wow my brother and I were blown away not sure how fluent he was. But we were thinking like WTF dad speaks Vietnamese ,so fast forward too 84 I get home from meps.

Old man - did you enlist

Me - yea I did

Old man - you scored really well on asvab did you get heavy equipment operator like you wanted.

Me - No I took infantry with guarantee airborne slot my attitude go big or donít go

Old man - immediately in my face from sitting at kitchen table WTF you dumb ass what did I tell you.

So my brother and I were laughing as he had the same exact WTF dumb ass speech like 18 months later when he came home and informed our parents he will be leaving for Parris Island itís cool Iím gonna be 0311. I asked did he wreak of pabst blue ribbon, he said you know I think he did. So weíre laughing our asses off this morning over what we find humorous in memories because weíre both easily amused especially by shiny objects.

Be best bed breakfast my brother and sister in law won't confirm reservations

Saw her and her kkklan at farmers market, she and my youngest brother second marriage ended up getting married and he has gone over to Fox News republikkklan Christianity ,well how in the fuck did I know he was weak in mind a Manchurian candidate , the rest of us boys were strong union proud veterans married to the same fine ladies for decades.

So she my sister in law asked our plans for holiday I said weíre now the Be best bed breakfast she paused on my be best 4 th July plans ( sarcasm just pops into my brain I donít know why)and asked what I meant. I said itís simple Iím only feeding our sons bologna no cheese Iím not letting them bathe or brush their teeth.

Oatmeal for breakfast cookie and kool aid

Lunch ramen noodles kool aid cookie

Dinner bologna sandwich one slice of bologna kool aid and cookie.

So about 30 minutes later my phone is ringing itís my Manchurian candidate brother.

I answer hello the BE BEST BED AND BREAKFAST

My brother- why you always got be a smart ass I said it my (N D A) NO WAIT ITS IN MY (D N A)NO SHIT THATS NOT IT boog I ask what makes us you know that stuff oh yea thanks boog itís in my( D A N.) he hung up I tried call back got voicemail.

I said hello Iím confirming your reservations this is the be best bed breakfast where youíll get one aluminum blanket a orange jumpsuits upon check in.

Other morning I saw him and his 2 step sons leaving grocery store 28 and 25 they still live at home full time careers is XBOX and they love tatical games. But it seems theyíre both allergic too any full time employment.

He asked me about young troop I said that little stud is in RANGER SCHOOL

I jokingly told my brother as his ADULT STEP boys headed to the car I said you getting them into see the podiatrist as nobody in her familyís ever served in military. HUH he replied I said fuckhead in offices making the gulf nervous with his Iran shit.

Tell you he voted for him and itís my job blood or not too smack any trump voters around with sarcasm. In this I do strive to be best.

Fellas it's gone sideways plan A

My last week of lay off I go back work July 8 th for week. Then vacation so this morning our sons and I leaving the diner too get locked in on large mouth bass before the heat kicks in gonna be 90 today. I love it beats cold weíre going to the reservoir we have the zodiac in back of pickup. We been hitting it early morning and then evening when the large mouth start the fish feeding frenzy.

When We show up at lake it is a dance of oh yea a rhythm as we have done this many times in the black of pre dawn or nightfall and we drag zodiac out this lake is no outboard no electric trolling motors paddles only. Hook up electric pump as it is inflating tossing gear in water cooler of second breakfast of snacks for our two fifteen year old hollow legs. Checking the rods reels under flashlight grabbing for gear in pitch black if needed, itís dads anal ass ways everything every piece equipment has a place The anxiety of wanting to get it on we need to get on water start catching.

We have been really successful on minnows and jigs lures and crayfish lures. A few 3-5 pound fatties on rebel plugs. So we were leaving breakfast heading over and once again Mother Nature decided no fishing she sent us lighting thunder rain they come in waves.

So I said weíll plan A is shit fellas you guys wanna do plan B I said too them as we were sitting in the cab Tacoma. Plan B is You guys wanna go home hit gym and will try it again tonight provided ma nature cuts us slack.

Pennsylvania the Bible Belt or Mississippi of the north

A conversation with evangelicals/ trump supporters. At diner this morning with my boys we were ready to go hit this lake long pine reservoir too get in on the bass when the bass are having breakfast. Now I really donít start any sort of aggravating conversation since I quit drinking it aggravating trump idiots and booze went hand in hand.

Trumper too me - where is your boat if youíre heading lake

So this is how I got in conversation

Teb- weíre hitting reservoir today so we have the 18 foot zodiac as no motors allowed we have the to use the oars man. we hit the beach and use electric pump get it inflated and fish fast heavy try beat the 90 degree heat humidity today.

Then the waitress changes channel and changes it Jim grifter baker tv show. Iím like wtf thinking and jimmy is telling the masses that the left is evil they donít respect the president.

Trumper - responds amen

Me - I am thinking eat up fellas letís get out of here.

Our sons Awesome field trip to ibew and carpenters unions training facilities

Update from my 06:00 post this morning I ramble we got home they hit community pool with friends dad is third wheel,Boys and I ate cheeseburgers for lunch I listened to them what they thought of their morning hanging out with tradesmen journeymen union workers their response dad that was so cool idea . We stopped for lunch a bar biker bar I used to hit when I drank but this bar has some of the best cheeseburgers and we sat at table. As we sat waiting on the waitress I said to our two 15 year olds you think those dudes voted trump sitting at bar I guarantee those turds did boys.

Then the one dude sitting at bar on his way bathroom recognized me and said , hey man how can you ride with all that on your rocker he was joking referring to my sons. I replied no weíre in Tacoma today dude, he was being friendly he asked how old they were , and he said brother they both got you by at least 20 pounds I said 35 pounds their both what fellas 175 180 on weight they been power lifting he continued drunken talking I said man Iím looking for peaceful lunch alone time with my sons he got hint.

My boys on guard laughing nervous because of the clientele and my boys were like we ok here dad I said relax weíre fine , didnít you see the sign no cuts at door and Iíd never hang you two out in danger. But the burgers awesome here, so my guys got a understanding out of dad induced field trip. Either college or union trades your uncles steam fitter plumber and union electrician those trades will survive. Trucking union died along time ago scabs and now trucks be self driving in few years. Or you both attend in state university and your mom and I give you that education debt free and you get bachelor degree.

So my guys ask me what I wanted out life when I was young I said it Doesnít matter Once youíre sister their oldest sister was inbound I told em. Any dreams I had university were gone and am I crying oh woe is me absolutely not. We had a infant and dad was out army teamsters freight we lived comfortably. We needed diapers baby chow a man has take care of his family, and as you two I was in love with all our children I said to quote their grandma my mom keep the horse in the barn translation keep your dick in your zipper.

Stay focused your almost there at 15 thatís why I do this today union trades or college your choice. After the boys ate their burgers they asked dad can we get 2 cheeseburger to go they were good dad yup no problem fellas.

12 hours fishing Boog the chocolate lab is beat fatigued

He got up went out too the yard to use the facilities came in and crashed on couch. Heís not even interested in our sons sticky buns first breakfast. WTB what the biscuits boog youíre sleeping thru sticky buns one of your 3000 favorite food groups boog dogs love stickyís.

He had good time yesterday fishing with his family on FV fishing vessel Polish itís a 20 foot Jon boat. He was giving boog smiles sitting next to man as our one son drove us into the lake. Go and reach into bait bucket for a minnow or other bait bucket for crayfish pardon me fellas I need to drink. What is your favorite boog minnow water or crayfish water.

I put up canopy on the boat so he could have shade but nope he was next to us in boat. Ok ooh a fish wag wag we fished off boog shit Island he owns it heís left his mark for years. On the island trees keep it cooler, his favorite part of the day was his boys constantly hit the coolers for sandwiches. We packed boog I think five peanut butter sandwiches. Iím laughing because his head is down and he is slobbering in his sleep I went to pet him ear rubs, and on sofa it is wet where he had his head.

A ramble Field trip today checking out union trades with my boys

Rule around here after high school you will either go too college like youíre three older sisters. Or you will get into union trades like your uncles my one brother a union plumber steam fitter or our one son in law a union apprentice electrician in his third year. Union trades

Paid school by union and when you become journeyman you make great cash you have decent medical and pension.

I used too tell our daughter be like youíre mother get a higher education never depend on a man. And after I discharged in 87 my wife and I weíre married she was 19 and going to college and we had a infant daughter and her parents paid for her bachelors degree and I started working freight union dock.

And at 21 fresh out army I thought man I wanna do same for our child paid higher education no debt. And three daughters later my wife and I were able to do same for our girls, go in state university live at home and will cover you because we owe you. And plan is to do same for our two 15 year old sons. Do not be ass trash teamster truck driver like your father education or union trades.

So this year both guys got into industrial programs school has to offer. And next year they signed up for vo- tech program ,one is electrical the other son signed up carpenters program. I myself thought they both signed up for electrician program vo tech. Well we told you dad ok boys you know i have hearing aid.

So last week I asked my son in law if it was ok the journeyman teachers at IBEW ,give one son idea of what he will experience if he chooses this.

And then I picked up phone called carpenters union trade school introduced my self hey Iím 30+ teamster can you give son idea about program so today weíre hitting IBEW and Carpenter training centers. Keep them focused is my goal,I tell my boys if you choose to do these programs you can make application your senior year graduate high school.

Then go into trades apprenticeship and by the time youíre both 23 and graduate trades you both be knocking down good cash.

Carpenter top rate here is 32.50$ hour 2019 contract

Electrician top rate is 38.80$ as of 2019 contract get a career you enjoy Iíve bounced them twice to get up. I wore em out 12 hours fishing yesterday on third wake up I get vicious I start hitting them with pillows
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