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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,910

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The boog

Journal Archives

Barr will have a decent law practice

As a jailhouse lawyer in federal prison

Robert Jeffries and obeying government

We are going against gods will if we donít obey trump. Civil war you pig asshole why would you even bring that up.

Well what exactly was Jesus Christís and the apostles doing against the Romans.

The BBC has a Monty python marathon

Just letting all fans know life of Brian at 5 pm then the holy grail.

As a father I am so blessed perhaps rich with family

A ramble I am sitting here having coffee. And listening to our one son at 6:30 in morning jam on guitar.
Electric lady land
Little wing
Roy Orbison dreams
SRV cold shot

You know I do same at times wether jamming alone or with our son I go off on multiple songs on fretboard

The other night our son was dad I need you to play this. It was a original he wrote and he was laying down a lead part it is not on paper just in my sons head. And it sounds awesome and he asked me what do you think dad. I said sounds great kiddo he smiled at me , you just love your kids.

I kiss my son in law on forehead his nightmares he was naval corpsman

I kiss him and tell him I love you boy. We sit on back porch and I listen to him ramble drinking me iam old airborne infantry all peace time never war but I listen . I look at my son in law and listen to him talk I love him a navy corpsmen walked with marine infantry in Iraq. My son in law is so sweet a good man suffering from ptsd.

I do not drink anymore but I sit here and listen to my son in law a fine man a good husband and father. To our daughter and grandson and I do respect my son in law as naval corpsmen if a brother is hit you have to go after them army we had medics marine corps navy corpsmen as grunts they to us were docs. And we treated em like gold.

So I cannot imagine what our son in law went thru under fire crawling after a wounded marine. I told him I love you my boy he is today in his 30ís. I hugged him and kissed him I love him.

Trump presidential library

My wife just text me and told me a friend and her are having lunch. And at the table next to them a woman said that the Djt presidential library.

Will be a prison library cart being pushed by trump himself from cell block to cell block With unread copies of the art of the deal.

SRV and Hendrix it must be Friday

This morning listening to our one son playing. I turned the news off and just went and sat on the back porch enjoying what I was hearing. I said to my wife over coffee itís ninth grade Friday first class of the day guitar class. He is warming up practicing his chops, what I gather is guitar class has turned into a guitar slinging highlander there can only be one. As the competition is many with these talented young players trying to outdo each other.

Today he is gonna represent SRV and cold shot. Why the pressure is great in this battle that last night he asked if he could take the Greco strat it is a tone beast a Greco Japan strat se-800. I bought it off another soldier in west Germany 1985 75$ He needed beer money for the weekend.

I told him yes my child you may take the Greco as your sword in this fight why dad is down with trying to outgun anyone ,we kind of learned something like that in osut infantry training at benning. I think itís been 39 years kid you know memories kind of hazy and dad used to drink. This is serious I told my wife this morning, he packed the guitar up in a tweed case. He is not messing around I told my wife heís packing a tone beast our warrior monk . Carrying a tweed holster as they were getting on the school bus.

Boog the chocolate lab I could not find him in the house

I walked out to dining room and heís laying. Sacked out sleeping soundly using a 25 pound bag of dog food as a pillow. I asked hey boog you comfortable he cracked a eye I did not even get a wag wag, the dog has priorities protect the food.

Happy birthday to the USAF

Former and active duty personnel , Iím still a little pissed that you never had inflight movies or refreshments hauling our airborne asses to a DZ.

Ok sorry I tried to be a adult it is a work in progress. Look on the brighter side the air force is not as fat as the navy your close but the swabbies got you beat on most plump branch of service. Maybe you all will get a birthday card from trump resorts Scotland.

Trying to have coffee in peace endless questions

On night shift this week I got up to spend time with the boys. Made coffee and it started typical Monday morning getting ready for school around here.

Dad where is my
Gym shorts
Gym bag
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