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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,879

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The boog

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Golden retriever love just got home after overtime

I walk through the door and our two golden retriever still in bed with my wife of 34 years. Mr big paws he is 12 cuddling her my wife had her arm around him. Then I found Duncan pup 8 months old on his back all 4 paws in air leaning into my wife in bed. I hit the shower laughing. My wife said we didnít go sleep until 02:00. I said only furry kid that greeted man was boog the chocolate lab. These two decided oh itís just man no reason get up will still cuddle lady pitiful.

It's either a K-9 festivus or treasure of Sierra madre

I find humor du community,Iím not sure as all three furry troops are now separated by their choice on furniture. Growling barking in the kitchen as they were chewing Christmas bones from Santa. Mr big paws twelve year old golden then boog you all know him 10 years old and very proud of his pandemic snacks weight gain. And Duncan the golden pup 8 months old. They were all laying in the kitchen basking in camaraderie happy with their new bones. Then one would stop and look at the other two and growl and start vigorously chewing.

And it went round robin like that all three of them. My bone the greed was setting in. And then the boog the chocolate lab decided to roll over and his big rump landed on mr big paws bone. The ass roll that started it all Mr big paws jumped up well slowly in his arthritic state but ready for action. And started chewing boogs ass boog responded also with getting up with his elderly arthritis.

I quote the dogs as I speak furry knuckle head.
Mr big paws - WTB What the biscuits boog your ass was on my bone.
Boog -relax I licked and cleaned my ass this morning you act like your ass is golden he he.

And Duncan went flying into the recliner with my wife and bone. He was not getting involved in the airing of the grievances.

I come here to say this a rant

Iím sitting at the bar in kitchen having coffee on Christmas morning Iím thinking of our fallen murdered by Trumpig and trumpublican sycophants. Our fellow humans in need all brought on us with total recklessness and disregard by evil fucks letís golf and deny two thousand one time payment with our tax dollars . So where Iím going with this is we do a secret Santa every year and also through year we do what we can do. For the local womenís shelter.

Now Iím not looking hey thatís nice teb no none of that. Iím just putting this out here cuz Iím frustrated pissed off. This year we caught a mother and her two daughters I think 12-14 in ages. This year the list was undergarments and some womenís body wash. The one item on the 12 year old list was a hairbrush let me backup it was worded her own hairbrush that just hit me hard . And my dear wife hooked them up above and beyond.Iím not bragging Iím angry 12 year old kid in a shelter wanting her own hairbrush.

Weíre fortunate I know Iím employed my wife is going back to work after a battle with pneumonia. In my email to my congress repig trump sycophant rep. I quoted my old plt sgt as kid in 2/325 pir dude had some great quotes. I think we weíre all joking drinking at plt cookout talking about the upgrades on death benefit in case we got wasted. He said you wonít know it cuz there is no U haul behind the hearse.

So I quoted that fine NCO to my repig rep that saying no U haul behind a hearse as weíve buried three hundred twenty of our citizens and you vote against helping our citizens. And I told the walking repig traitor about this child just wanting her own hairbrush how can they be so heartless and evil. Forty years of trickledown shit it needs to end.

Have great day however your gonna do it Du community letís just remember the downtrodden they did not cause the pain and misery theyíre living.

Evangelical Hypocrites grifters repig traitors first ,not women and kids

Pence gop senators trumpig these pricks pushed 8 million of our citizens into poverty a shit bill on Covid relief . They have Infected millions murdered three hundred fifteen thousands humans.

Weíve seen them for ten months downplaying Covid. And now these coward scumbags are first to line up to receive vaccine itís just fuckery . When we will get justice I know Iím preaching to the choir but fuck this is obscene. The elderly those with medical conditions health care workers should be first.

Sunday morning coffee and domestic dispute

The domestic is with Duncan pup. No you will not drag that huge branch into the house to chew on. The branch has to be around ten feet in length. I know man sucks at times pups I have rules.

I told a Somali vet happy birthday he turned 50 today

Heís is former 10th mountain and a fine teamster co worker. I said since weíre in a pandemic. Iíll be over later to burn tires in your driveway and throw bottles and rocks at the house. We can do a social distance birthday party.

He asked me to hold off until 08:30 to start until his wife leaves for work. I said no problem bro should I bring cake he said nah. You could bring a case of beer.

I live with three wimpys from Popeye hamburger lovers

Their 17-16-10 in age. The other day I mentioned you guys making cheeseburgers again. Then the reply our one son said no dad itís a patty melt not a cheeseburger.

Now a ? A patty melt is a hamburger with cheese

Talking with my wife ,I'm thinking Congresswoman Katie porter speaker of the house

We have to move on mrs Pelosi had her moment we evolve and grow as a party. That is why I like Katie porter she is so intelligent and in their faces. My wife is still Nancy pelosi as my wife thinks she is tested. Over hot tea we can discuss how we feel. I feel Nancy time is over respectfully.

A romantic moment with my wife as we discuss her 54 pound weight gain

My dear wife of 34 years weighs in around 120 now sheís definitely 174 Five foot four inches. I made her cup of tea with honey. She said why donít you come and sit with me on sectional and put on some nice music. And I sat down next to my wife and I said wow you have put on weight. The weight is Duncan pup sprawled out on her lap he is 54 pounds golden retriever pup sleeping hard cuddling my wife.

Sledding with his human brothers wore his pup ass out. I told my wife you wear it well she smiled. Just wait until after Sara brightman when she hears scorpions then ZZ Top.

Making meatballs today I'm open to suggestions as a novice cook

This is what I have
5pounds of ground burger and Italian sausages ground as well.

Bread crumbs Panko
Italian herbs
So hit me with your suggestions Iíve used Du friends advice before. Greatly appreciated thank you in advance.
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