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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,880

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The boog

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34 years of marriage and I do not even know my wife

Making loose meat sandwiches or sloppy joes for cyber school lunch. And instead of using hamburger buns she said weíre gonna use hot dog rolls. Because they hold the meat much better. Genius I thought who is this woman that I live with.
Boog the chocolate lab says yea lady wag wag genius

Tone rider pickups $106 ultimate blues for Mexican strat

Dropped them in yesterday and they sound awesome, playing through a old twin then a supro to a 1 watt tube for price they sound great. Neck middle bridge hold Alnico 5ís Grey bottoms.
Dcr neck was 6.2 middle 6.3 bridge 6.8
Wiring is all vintage braid the poles are vintage staggered
The winding neck and bridge clockwise middle counter clockwise.
New pots green chicket cap and 250 CTís on pots.

If you are a budget player as I sure I like Seymour Duncanís the man makes fine product. To save few dollars and to make a 2017 Mexican strat sound like it was made in 67 were all looking for decent tone I tried these for first time and am pleased.

It's a circus here this morning and I love it

Ran the troops human and furry through the mess hall. SOS and toast and eggs were on menu, then the human boys headed for triple S express to make ready for cyber school . Our one shower has a sliding door other shower just a shower curtain. Beware those who shower with the curtain and remember always to shut the door. Because Duncan the golden retriever puppy goes into rescue mode. I told my wife you know Duncan has a imagination at this moment he is full Saint Bernard , saving his one boy from a avalanche of water.

He pulls at the shower curtain barks constantly looks under the curtain. Tries to drink the water then just climbs into the shower with you and tries to lick you dry.

Duncan - Do not panic I will save you once again boy

I myself have experienced multiple Duncan rescues and once ended up rinsing off with Duncan and his sock monkey. And usually after you leave the shower Duncan waits for you to go first. Or when we wake up the same because then he nips at our legs and herds us. This is Duncan the golden retriever puppy collie dog mode I herd you.

So now our kids and grandkids will have less civil rights than the day they were born

Mr Biden said he did not want to make the supremes a political football. As all of us Iím hoping for a trifecta on November third. Expand the supremes, what would be awesome is the trump crime family. Once convicted and imprisoned by SDNY can appeal their sentences to a Biden Supreme Court.

Pro trump pro life sign in evangelical minister yard

On way home with chynaneese for lunch and I saw that yard sign. Wait until I run into that clown at the store or gas station or post office usually happens we cross paths. Iíll have to ask about our citizens murdered by Covid and trumpig genocide.

Duncan pup says these squeak toys are lame man

Was making coffee and I heard mr Duncan groaning happy groans. And I went in search of him , and discovered a mess. As I was cleaning it up mr Duncan golden retriever puppy was rolling on his back happy.
Man - Duncan what did you do
Duncan- man these squeak toys are lame they have no squeaker in them I chewed five of them trying to get the squeaker out. Theyíre defective man really lame.

Man - Duncan these are not squeak toys you nut theyíre poise pads.

The anti mask idiots, I ask do you wear a fucking seatbelt when you drive

I ask do you wear a seatbelt when you drive vehicle I get the deer in headlights look. Then why can you not understand you need to mask up , science keeps us safe not a trumpig or repig party that denies science or fact. These morons Repig trumpublican are a death cult weak in mind cannot think individually 220.000 dead murdered genocide. I tell them seatbelts save lives.

Second breakfast for our grandson and the blues,My wife is home

My wife came home after 45 days of hospital and rehab pneumonia life is good. Little guy woke up around 04:30 he said hey pap Iím hungry for the corn beef and cabbage and potatoes. So now his uncles are up , and heís putting down egg ham cheese sandwich. Our son and i were plugged in to our 1 watt tube amps bouncing licks off each other around table and the grandson loves it. I said Iím bringing eddy Taylor to breakfast , then our son says with smile letís invite Elmore James. As we sat at table we were all enjoying having mom home, laughter jamming.

And then we realized we were missing a furry menace dog Duncan pup. And we went searching for the twenty three week old menace to society. We found him in my wifeís one bag she brought home. And it was filled with snacks Duncan was liberating a pack of graham crackers.

Boog licking my I phone lady my wife we miss you we love you lady

My wife has been in hospital and rehab for six weeks walking pneumonia. She will be coming home Friday and talking to her on I phone FaceTime. Boog was licking phone lady I hear you and boog was barking ,where have you been lady ,he is so sweet lady you are my love. You left with man that day and then man didnít bring you home listen to my barks follow my barks home. Really man I love you but you lost the lady you asshole. Yup the world according to boog wag wag.

Humor vets ,Santa this year survived Texas star in 1970 it's official Santa is a stud

We just got the warning order on Christmas party. My goodness Santa has fruit salad as awards my friend sgt major. Will be playing Santa Claus this year VFW he retired I think 94 -95 army. He caught shrapnel in his derriŤre in August of 70 he told me once, Purple Heart airmobile medals airborne wings CIB RANGER and SF qualified halo. Why even a infantry drill sgt pumpkin patch and one divorce he caught a Jody . What Iím saying is Santa is high speed and low drag. We will be erecting a tent not a GP large. Due to Covid and the failure of trumpig and his administration on dereliction of pandemic.

Each child in need will get to see Santa and receive a toy and have pizza doing Christmas party. And then every child on the list will have two maybe three presents delivered before of their desires we hope to open up Christmas morning the list keeps on growing economic apocalypse that fine people are dealing with. Will make it work even if we have to dig in our wallets little ones deserve a Christmas. As Christmas fund is like five thousand eighty dollars , boog the chocolate lab and Duncan the golden retriever puppy will be reindeers. Boog says hey Duncan theyíre will be kids and pizza itís a cool detail. Iím just happy all of us are that we can pull it off this year has been a bitch. All of us are fathers veterans and love kids.
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