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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,881

About Me

The boog

Journal Archives

I have no filters for stupid

Was at pharmacy getting my wifeís blood thinner medicine. And dude standing in line with me had trump 2020 hat on

I commented trump 2020 and as we know I mentioned of 61.000 dead so far dear leader MAGA on genocide

I hate these magats as a adult a father a husband I value life

I feel it is my responsibility to remember our dead I pray for the dead the fallen to not forget them.

The dude just looked at me wearing his hat. I have total disgust for these freaks.

Irisblue told me about the book of woof old and new testaments

Book one paragraph one in the book of woof says ( We mooch)

The other day my mother in law who is sheltered in place with us. Gave boog the chocolate lab and yogi the Newfie a talking to as they were digging a hole. And she told me they are hooligans. I replied hole digging in the mud is in the book of woof then she said these two are the reason she drinks. I replied absolutely and smiled this morning Iím making a ham bean soup.

And the three fury boys walk through kitchen sniffing the air. I think they feel I should honor verse one paragraph one of the book of woof I do not think so fellas.

Don't worry about these milita turds My observations as a infantry vet

My neighbor is one and he now made friend on Facebook so our local militia has grown to three my neighbor his son and their friend . Several weeks ago I was out walking and I stopped and talked with them as they were heading out to get some range time.
My observations

Their well supplied on flags my neighbor flys
American flag
Rebel flag on his flag pole
A trump pence 2020 flag on his porch

Fatigues yes they had on camo fatigues with boonie soft hat not sure why you have to wear fatigues as civilian I donít think it helps with marksmanship. Speaking from experience I knew some dudes that couldnít hit H20 standing three feet away in fatigues.

Battle rattle they all have AR- 15 problem here is they only have five twenty round magazineís between the three of them. So any suppression fire is gonna be lacking. Me personally I always preferred thirty round magazines and made sure my people carried them as well. Yes I was a spray and pray type with my M-16 put out rounds.

Personal gear two of them had web gear with the web suspenders one just had web belt. And between the three of them they have three ammo pouches and one canteen. As for rations the Mrs militia packed them sandwiches for their cooler. Our Newfie was sniffing the cooler his tail was wagging hey how about hooking a Newfie up fellas.

Personally Iím not that impressed and I think these three. Would have a hard time holding off a ground attack by a platoon of Girl Scouts. None of them has ever served this republic so itís like kids playing soldier when we were young.

Waiting on a guitar the ANXIETY My son

He is fifteen and with his savings from his summer jobs. He purchased a Japan ARIA pro 2 leopard Ls 800. It is to be delivered today these are players. And as a japan collector for decades Iím like hey letís go for it $600. It is from the pre 1980s the golden years. A Gibson as this would set you back around $3000. The child was up at 05:30 my wife said he has you in him.

I cut a piece of pie for breakfast and turned around and there were the dogs

Same thing happened last night when I cut a piece of pie I turned around and there they stood. I think the domestic wolves want me to cut a couples piece. Who knows maybe Iím wrong I do think they all have entitlement issues.

We're Grandparents again to six pit bull pups

Received email the pit that we thought was abandoned had her babies. Turns out she was lost the other day. At our local mom pop grocery store I walked in and there was a lost flyer. And she was reunited with her family we found out. That these people rescued her earlier before from shelter and they were on picnic and she got loose.

So her name is Charlotte we were calling her Sadie. Her and our sixteen year old were a couple in love. Well the significant other our son and his brothers just headed out to drop a new dog bed off for her instead of flowers for the mother. I gave the new dad my debit card to purchase nice dog bed.

And I told my wife you know that weíre gonna end up with a pup.

Bingo here with the boys well all of us

I bought this game years ago and found it in closet. So the prizes that available are
Two day old Whoopi pie
2 rolls toilet paper personal all for you
A used dog bone
Cheese puffs

Anyone wanna come over K-9 are welcome.

Mr Obama never wanted to inject us with disinfectant

A text sent this morning to every fucking trump supporter I know. Not one response

Craving more spaghetti / homemade bread

Have sauce with onions peppers in sauce on low with ground burger and Italian sausages we can snack all day.

I always wanted to try make homemade bread. But have always talked myself out of it. Today my mother in law sister they are staying with us at moment. This fine lady is gonna help me hold my hand and teach me. On how to make homemade bread then Iím gonna slice it and cover it. In garlic butter to have with the spaghetti.

47000 dead we should be flying flags half staff

47000 that we know of that have fallen
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