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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
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My heart bleeds in foster care it's a Gut check we have two new young brothers

Six and Eight years old they were placed with us today. No great job teb you and my wife none of that Iím just posting I think from my memories of youth dysfunctional family. I just want to say you think youíre having bad day these boys are having a shitty day. Years ago my wife met a woman who was caseworker in foster care at a group luncheon for professional women, and we entered program. Doing foster care We Opened up to background checks we opened up our financial our home for inspection attended classes. Itís not for stipend no brag my wife is attorney me Iím a ass and trash 34 years in teamsters union.

When the boys showed up we fed em I knew they were inbound. Pancakes eggs sausages I refilled there plates second time. Just checked on them told the two beautiful boys come on down stairs they were in bedroom sitting on bed they trust each other our home is strange were strange people . I told em hey guys , You fellas do not have to be alone weíre all relaxed. They came down and now are outside with boog and Duncan pup , I said to the boys you guys wanna see a little furry pig as I put puppy chow and peanut butter in Duncanís bowl. And boog chocolate lab and Duncan golden retriever puppy are welcome committee kids we love kids.

As I sit here I think of when I was these guys age our mom took us my brothers and I she left our father. Our old man was insane violent a drunk after his tours in Vietnam I learned years later our old man was suffering ptsd after our mom and him reconciled. Years later I always felt in my heart for our father he would apologize. And Iíd say donít worry itís in past Iíll never be like you to my wife or children why I always knew after three years in infantry I never had to be in war. I was lucky I used to tell our old man I skated in 82nd 325 pir and 3rd armor west Germany.
And Iím so glad pardon my ramble friends my heart just breaks today. For these two boys my youth made me the former alcoholic I am. At 54 I hate seeing broken children.

Can I post this here humor I joke there goes the suburbs as democrat Duncan pup and the chickens

Grandkids are in pool with Duncan Iíd send catbyte pics but the boys grandsons are nude that is how grandad is in the pool and I wonít she is catbyte good friend. Catbyte posted pic at 09:28 this morning of Duncan, so earlier Duncan was running around yard. And other day he got his golden retriever puppy ass flogged by rooster.

This morning Duncan running around yard and a hen comes around shed , oh my puppy golden retrievers drama a welp welp crying save me man these chickens are terrible as he saw the hen. He remembers getting flogged by rooster the other day I just smiled as he came running to me. He is such a little fella Iím in love and he is drama. I asked my wife are the chickens magats.

Had that talk again to our one son if you get stopped by police

Why do I have the talk Iím terrified for him I love him heís 16 bi racial came to us through foster program. And we adopted him then I hugged all three boys and said have fun kayaking.

Itís fucked up we all know Jacob Blake shot in back in front of his children. And then a fucking punk Kyle rittenhouse opens up murdered wounded innocents and this fucking white trash is up and walking. Where is the justice thatís why as a 54 year old descendant of Eastern European I have to have that talk with our son.

Dropping fender sss 69 pickups in aerodyne Stratocaster sunburst

I have never played a aerodyne Stratocaster and itís actually awesome. Fret edge all around the body and neck something different from fender japan, they say itís carved top Iím not sure what they mean if you compare it to a Les Paul.

What I see and feel is as fender strat the body is thicker and thins out at edges like any strat. The neck reads c profile to me it seems just a bit thicker in well I compared it to a 62 fender japan Stratocaster we have and a 78 greco strat japan. So in comparison itís swag scientific wild ass guess on necks.

The single coils from factory sound great to me, although I do have a hearing aid. And the owner wants these 69ís Seymour Duncanís in. So ok heís a friend of our sons and a sixteen year old guitar slinger in search of tone as we all do. Tone quest and guitar is like making a meatloaf I told the young man letís try this in the recipe so will drop in these Seymour 69ís.

? On RNC convention

What night does Eric get his teeth cleaned. Ok donít give me any shit Iím fascinated by dentistry.

My wife was vacuuming couch 12 week golden retriever puppy said no

He does have attitude he was grabbing at attachment hey lady Iíll get that. My wife would tell him stop then he would just bark yapping you do not tell me what to do. My wife put his little ass on floor didnít work, he jumped up again to attack vacuum attachment. My wife grabbed him put his furry pup ass outside Duncan was like wait crying barking lady you are not playing by the rules Crying to get back inside . Like I said he was the runt and he has little guy attitude. Boogs like kid you are not gonna win against the lady she is strong with the force I have watched empire strikes back and boog Jedi mind tricks never work.

I love kayaking with the boys

We took Duncan the golden retriever puppy and boog the chocolate lab. We had blast the pup Duncan floated with our sixteen year old. Boog and man we hung together in our kayak boog would swim and Duncan would bark hey Iím 12 weeks old I wanna swim with my big brother Iím a big dog fellas . We would put pup in water and his little eyes would get big wait Iím swimming how do I know how to swim guys. I cannot touch bottom hold me fellas pick me up.

We got home little pup is hungry after the float trip. And I put puppy chow and a little peanut butter in his dish dry food. And he hogs it down so fast mister he says to me I was hungry. He has such personality as pup he was runt of litter I chose him that day we meant. Now he is licking my beard and head after shower I use coconut oil to treat my beard. I been shaving my head bald no barber doing pandemic it will grow back. Pup is like I need help you man lick your head grow fur you have fur on your face but not on your head Iíll help you out mister.

It's like the army around here GI Party bitching complaining so that tells me morale is up

The hogs were slopped to quote my old senior infantry Drill Sgt. Slop the hogs staff sgt after morning PT we would march to mess hall. The senior Drill had such away with verbiage very colorful in his language. He cared for us all wanted to see us graduate, so in caring this morning passing out brooms buckets mops cleaning supplies. I quoted the fine warrior, and said letís hit it top to bottom. Alls I wanna see is assholes and elbows on this GI party end quote. I told the boys I care and love you all as they walked away grumbling.

Irish and a Jewish deli snacking kind of day

Potato soup with diced ham and Swiss cheese in big pot

And corn beef sandwiches with Russian dressing and coleslaw and pickles

Duncan pup has learned what a rooster is

He got his puppy golden retriever ass flogged it happened other day. And he came hauling ass protect me guys to the boys and man letting out puppy welps save me fellas. And just a bit ago he yapped barked at rooster and the rooster paid him no mind. Duncan came once again hauling his furry buns to man protect me hold me weíre a couple or your my muscle man. Heís such a little stinker figuring out his world as pup.
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