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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,879

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The boog

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Antifa cell's update your ceoi ,our new call sign is psycho pup actual

Ceoi is army comms boog and man are no longer josey Wales actual. We now go by psycho pup actual Duncan the golden retriever pup. Duncan just crapped and Iím glad to say he passed the miniature aqua man that he chewed. And now heís back to digging a new hole and barking into it.
As Antifa Guerrilla fighters were in tight spot at moment
1- trumpig called us out in the debate
2- Michelle Bachman- knows about our African American Marxist transgender troops. Our shock troops dammit.

Weíre ok keep your sharpies close to write BLM matter on trump pence signs and keep the faith.

We have had a lot of coffee here we were up at 02:45 a drunk driver ran into the tree in our front yard. Heís fine been arrested. The wrecker removed his pickup which was covered in magat stickers.

Threats of my ass getting kicked by our fifteen and sixteen year old

They both were showering one upstairs one downstairs and I dumped cold water on them. I said Iím sorry that I forgot yesterday was national sons day ( so happy national sons day a day late children , so after the choice adjectives from each general idea is they will kick my scrawny ass. Truth is they can do it

Country living blaring a car horn at cows crossing

On my way home this morning from the store I had to wait for a dairy farmer and the herd of Moo ladies. To cross this little country road. Me and a car behind me , now I donít think the car behind me understands you can hit that horn all you want. The Moo ladies do it at their own speed.

I cut our sons slack R&R go camping fishing their mom has been in hospital pneumonia

I ramble lonely , My wife is doing a lot better on IV antibiotics she is getting stronger she has pneumonia . And our sons have been strong they worry we cannot visit her their mom. My wife was admitted last Monday and on the day she was admitted 9/14 these fine fellas stayed home completed cyber school obligations.I never had let school know hey their mom is in hospital the guys may not get their School work done they kept at it last week and this week ages 10-15-16 fine young men.

So today I cut the boys loose to go home to where I grew up western Pennsylvania Appalachia . And two of my brothers still live to go fishing and camping with their uncles and cousins. One reason is that cyber school is crashed it went down yesterday around 14:00 and is still not up today. I let school know this morning that the boys will be back attending cyber academy Tuesday and reason why the boys mom in hospital the principal was very nice and I scanned letter from my wifeís doctor.

So the boys and our middle daughter and her wife pulled out this morning. To go camping and fishing with my brothers Iím on animal watch I stayed behind. I gave the kids $ and my one debit card and the keys to the Tacoma. Helped them pack camping and fishing gear, I know theyíre wound tight worrying I hugged them all and told them have a great time. Sitting on back porch with my chocolate Lab right paw I asked him think maybe we should order a Stromboli I got a thump thump tail wag. I called our one sons I phone see where theyíre at they just got on I 80 up in milesburg Pennsylvania and he sounded happy Iíll take it I love happy. Let the stress go kiddos donít worry all will be well. Now are dilemma here is should we order xtra cheese on Stromboliís.
Update 13:00

Thank you all in advance for the nice messages were fine Iím half glass full dude. I have head store get pup food 20 pound bag thank you all.

My head is not in the greatest place this morning worried about possible election violence

Shitler running his gums over transition of the office. My concerns are his base buying into his bullshit and they take this election as a call to arms literally. We live perhaps half mile from a trump cult. Labor Day evening they were drinking setting off fireworks and shooting the weapons they have hopefully into the air.

I jokingly told my wife they were holding off ANTIFA ground probe I was joking with my wife, saying I got movement by the old abandoned washer machine in the backyard weíre gonna make it to see the sunrise tac air is inbound well not tac air dad ran to the bar to get 4 more 12 packs pass me another Pabst Iím empty . Booze and weapons is a 911 call waiting to happen.

These people are brainwashed the cult as a whole we all understand this. So as I sit here on back porch having another coffee rambling on DU ,watching Duncan pup and boog dig a new best hole ever. And the pup then barks into the new best ever dug hole.

I am truly worried over loss of life or wounded caused by the orange messiah base. Personally I do not fear the local trump cult down the road. Yet I will not take my eyes off of them or underestimate them to have to think this way in election year is really fucked up. Example of fucked up thinking this morning.

Should I approach our 15 and 16 year old dad may wanna plan like the infantry pís planning prevents piss poor performance or to quote my first plt sgt in 2/325 pir its better to have not need than need and not have. Example here just keeping pistols close no trigger locks loaded mags but no round in chamber. Just in case the cult down road is drunk angry and pissed, I shouldnít have to be thinking this way be safe all.

Cyber school lunch options for my smart asses

Yes dad is lunch program sometimes I make lunch. Sometimes I just tell the three animals 10-15-16 to grab and growl. So doing the pandemic I have been shaving my head bald keeping the beard. And these three asking lunch dad if I have beard net. As the sarcastic smart asses weíre eating dad oatmeal.

So I told them today cafeteria is serving grilled chicken salads or grilled ham cheese chili ,chicken and chili is made they said yum. I said good cuz you guys are making your own lunches today lunch dad is taking off today. I added you wanna run those gums they know dad gives it back.

Fuck mitt Romney

No repig is worth a turd my dogs shit all traitor fucks

I think we're averaging around 410 pounds of dogs here combined

12 year old golden retriever
10 year old chocolate lab
5 year old Newfie
16 week golden retriever puppy

They all stand in kitchen now I fed them two hours ago dog food. Yes the pup eats three times a day, as I stood in kitchen making peanut butter jelly sandwich Iím getting yapping puppy barks woofs and GRRRRS from big dogs. Reminding man you better be making us xtra lunch snacks as well remember man weíre a dog pack. WE LOVE PEANUT BUTTER. Man is like thanks guys for reminding me.

It's is hilarious you make a pbj sandwich Dogs think hey that's are snack

Our golden retriever Mr big paws heís 12 boog chocolate lab is 10 Duncan golden retriever pup is what 16 weeks. Iíve always handed out peanut butter bread to our dogs over the years it is a great treat.

I just went in kitchen made peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich, and I had our three furry kids in kitchen looking at me. Ok mister weíre a pack we need our cut, and on my plate I had three pieces of bread covered in peanut butter already made for the furry crew they always score. the man makes sure.

My new Covid mask reads on the front IQ TEST

I had a friend make it the IQ test is in red stitching on white mask. Yes we live in trumpublican Jonestown Cult kool or fools aid drinking cuntry Mercia. People around here vote for god guns and think you better stand for the national anthem. In other words these tribe members are dumb asses keep your hands government off my social security. Yet they voted trumpig and repig their whole lives and those facist wanna destroy all social programs . They claim to be Christian Iíve started asking them is that republican Jesus or traditional Jesus you worship.

This morning out and about at the grocery store. I was wearing it and ran across three people no mask. All three of them one guy and then one guy and his wife read my mask. Gave me looks I pointed at the IQ TEST to try and help them the fuck out morons. None of them said thank you for me trying to help them out ungrateful assholes.
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