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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,881

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The boog

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I was never one to try and frighten my wife

Yet my new boxers came and the style and pattern she mentioned frighten her. Yes I shop in the Rodney dangerfield department. absolutely no respect.

Mr big paws our thirteen year old golden retriever is barking at me , come on man I love meatloaf

Mr big paws is deaf in his age yet he makes me smile wandering around kitchen barking come on mister letís eat it smells delicious. Yes I always share people food with our dogs boog the chocolate lab who is eleven and even Duncan at ten months. Iíve always shared people food with our dogs when my wife and I first married 34 years ago.

My wife and I were talking about the fine dogs we have had over the years as we sat on couch. And Duncan golden retriever pup sits between us putting his left paw in my hand as he leans into me itís love. Yes Duncan and man hold paws were a couple I tell my wife. She laughs and tells me you have always been a great father to our children and furry children.

Duncan makes me smile if weíre in car we hold paws as he stands next to me leaning into me. if weíre in bed spooning we hold paws Duncan loves laying on my left arm and we cuddle. And on couch we hold paws Duncanís left paw in my hand weíre a couple and you canít fight furry love. My wife says hey Duncan you wanna hold my paw heís like lady man and me are a couple. I have to get meatloaf ready and baked potatoes out oven before Mr big paws phones peta later 😉

No vax for me update from 06:00 post my wife received the j&j

I have fever temp taken three times , I didnít argue itís not my way. I figured out reason why I have fever like 100. My injection for my alcoholism I received it yesterday one shot month naltrexone. Compared to taking pill once a day. I been eating naltrexone for awhile it works yet my Dr said we can switch to injections. Besides Paxil itís only meds I take at 55.

In January we switched to shot and I noticed after I get my shot. My lips blister I am slamming waters for a good day dehydration it is like when you first start taking it pill form in awhile you get used to it. Not sure why injection does this monthly. I never put it together injection side effects thirsty lips blisters = fever for maybe 24 hours.

I waited on injections my wife and I together were one. Yet I am resting easy now since she got her injection. Her fight with pneumonia this year I have to call and reschedule my appointment. No big deal I feel Iíll take being sober.

Getting our 5 G vaccines this morning and I told my wife the deep state is already watching

I just came in from having coffee on back porch and I noticed two dark colored SUV in driveway a 99 pathfinder and a 2000 Toyota 4 runner . I mentioned it to my wife and once again she has to put a hole in boog and mans conspiracy theories. She mentioned that there both our sons.
Boog the chocolate lab and man replied if that is the hill you choose to stand your ground on so be it lady.
Then boog mentioned hey man. The pizza delivery lady has a dark suv.
Man - Shit boog you are correct this goes deeper than weíve thought.

Remember the looney tunes the crusher bugs wrestling well boogs the crusher

Boog is in kitchen barking at kitten
Boog is the crusher
Kitten is bugs
Duncan golden retriever pup - is ravishing Ronald the clueless golden haired wrestler a nod to diamond dog on here.
Crusher boog is leaning barking at the six months old kitten that is a bad ass. Kitten just chased boog through kitchen hissing growling sideways so a five pound kitten chases and intimidates a 115 pound chocolate lab

My wife's needs to puke she just watched Chris Wallace interview with Lindsey graham

Apologies cannot post from i phone Du community. Lindsey reasons for owning AR-15 gangs in his neighborhood. My wife said oh he makes me want to throw up. I said Iíll hold your hair back sitting at the kitchen bar.

I then asked her do you want a refil on the coffee and honey bun or danish. Fucking Lindsey is such a pimple.

Talking with boog the chocolate lab

Boog - Man this six month old kitten we allowed to immigrate into our house on our open borders policy. Has at least 2000 fangs and 64 claws I was just trying to eat the cat turd out litter box and the kitten got pissed and attacked me man.

Man - Boog you have to give the kitten space to crap I just found you with the top of covered litter box on your head.

Boog - Geez man you know I love cat turds itís crunch and munch.

Talking to vet friends and teamsters putting idea together to roll to Georgia 2022 election

A rant I mentioned we all go to Georgia November 2022 and pass out waters at polling places what can they do bend our dog tags . Fuck this apartheid repig fuckery I am fuming over this. And Iíve already emailed my local state GQP rep on the suppression here in Pennsylvania.

My dog law office is open this morning my clients fourth amendment was violated

It appears my client Duncan pup was in my wifeís home office this morning. My wife known as the lady by my client who says NO all the time. He found soy sauce packets from the Chinese we ordered yesterday in my wifeís trash can grabbed the packets and tried to haul furry ass. The lady grabbed pup and proceeded to search my client.

I wear many hats husband father grandfather teamster and infantry vet semi pro collector of furry lunatics. Yet dog law I find most satisfying in practicing it doesnít pay shit and I only have two full time clients boog the chocolate lab and Duncan the golden retriever pup.

Iím pushing it in my representation we were in 2 A territory the other day. In did boog and Duncan have the right to be playing and bearing my wifeís bra. I argued it was a open carry issue or tug of war.

Do you know Arabic math is now being taught in public school

Now as I mentioned I work with a lot of young teamsters that vote GQP.

Qanon teamster- That bitch of a Vice President is mandating that our kids be taught Arabic math.

Duncanpup a teamster for 34 years holding a Union card. - you mean like the numerals 0 -10

Qanon teamster- Iím not having this bullshit taught to my kids.

Duncanpup- Bro werenít you a F.O in Marine corps as former infantry I knew a couple of arty dudes. So you guys just used American math.

I turned to a friend and asked where in the fuck do they come up with this shit.

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