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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,910

About Me

The boog

Journal Archives

Friend of mine got into a accident playing peekaboo

They put him in the I C U.

Pennsylvania republican candidate for governor said in raw story he doesn't want practicing Jews

Mastrianio said he wants no practicing Jews in his party (article is in raw story) I canít post from I phone yet donít they realize Jesus was Jewish. Christianity was not even on the horizon when Christ was running around Galilee. The republicans Jesus the pasty white version who spoke murican and wanted open carry for swords.

President Biden testing negative COVID

No ivermectin or ultra violet light up your ass no mainlining bleach go figure science.

You ever take your significant others for ice cream no not your wife BOOG the lab and dunk pup

Went to the store to get chicken buff sauce for pita wraps furry guys were like a cruise cool man weíre in.

So then we three stopped to get small vanilla soft serve dishes for boog the chocolate lab and Dunk were in love us guys once again I had to pay these two were broke.

I was like ok you two knuckleheads stop trying to eat the styrofoam ice cream dish really both are a work in progress. Boog is 12 Dunk is 26 months we didnít mention this to the lady the soft serve.

Toasted pitas

Sliced tomato
Sweet banana peppers
Italian dressing as condiments with shredded parmigiana cheese mixed.
Provolone cheese my boys like to add moz and provolone I just pass on these two cheeses yet they like it.

Attempting my first ever homemade peanut butter today I shelled peanuts yesterday.

So Iím thinking how hard can it be so I have food processor out. Iíve watched video online any advice or instructions on how you do yours is appreciated thank you in advance.

The dogs and I will be on cloud nine the three woofs and the man can pull this off Iím going for xtra creamy so adding oil.

Sticky bun bread pudding with egg custard a question

Where have you been all my life I explained to the ladies at the bakery , once I take my teamster pension Iíll work for them and this bread pudding is only compensation Iíll need oh and the peanut butter cookies.

I just threatened my family with meatball ziti for dinner tonight

Itís the third Italian dish since Sunday yes Iím a descendant of Eastern Europeans , yet self identify as a lover of Italian dishes.

Tuesday nigh the family of weirdos made hot tuna casserole yuck hey Iíll do cold tuna but yea hot tuna with peas you people living in this house are sadist.

Garland is worried about being sensitive in election year

I still am very sensitive that a sitting President and his accomplices tried to coup our democracy.

It took Nuremberg prosecutors 6 months to start the trials were 18 months in after 1/6.

Fucking disgusting.

Boogs follow up from Friday vet appointment pancreatitis

Apologies I posted previous post accident to boog will be ok thank you I deleted it . Friday morning boog the chocolate lab who is 12 years old would not eat he was hacking and gacking vomiting were like shit. I called our vets and we headed in they hooked us up emergency appointment that morning. At the vet they did Blood work and poor guy had fever Mister was drinking water in Tacoma out styrofoam cup and then puking it up boys nerves and mine just nerves on edge.

Well they took blood at 12 mister had pancreatitis they gave him shot for bloating pain and nausea. And they gave us meds antibiotic and a nausea med for him. That morning they told us mister will be coming home that day with us great relief and $485 dollars.

Today they called and asked how boog was doing. I said heís back to 100% he was trying to paw at cupboards door under sink again this morning cuz my wife tossed old meatloaf. Boogs like why do you people lock up the trash can. Iím relived we all are relived we love mister knuckle head.
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