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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,881

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The boog

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Years ago I had a fellow teamster tell me repigs always boost freight when holding office.

Well thanks Governor Reeves sarcasm I guess that old union teamster was right. Last night working as union yard jockey some of the hooks were fourteen 53 foot trailers and twelve sets of pups the doubles all empty going to a bottled water warehouse 150 miles away over in Eastern Pennsylvania.

They were asking us yard men if we wanted to maybe work a 14 hour day to shuttle empty wagons to bottled water plant. Real easy drag them over cut em Bob tail home come back no trailers. Now no brag on hourly top of rate it is public knowledge you can look it up online.

Hourly top rate at 100% is.
$40.15 hourly anytime after 8 hours is time half.
$60.90 hourly. Even city and linehaul men road drivers in district are paid hourly teams get mileage and clock time. Iím not sure anymore what the company bills customers on LTL miles I think back in 2017 it was around $5 mile per customer.

After 8 hours in yard if you go now youíre looking probably another 6 hours on your clock all time half that old union saying open up your pockets will stuff them full of cash. I declined as I have to take our 13 year old to docs this morning yet I would have because this is a humanitarian move. And when dispatch was asking they were telling us hey our extra board drivers who work on two hour work call is exhausted thatís 46 drivers not sure about bid road drivers.

Not sure how much infrastructure cash Mississippi received yet here we have another example of republican in office total disaster.

Diet day 1 it's going great I removed all fattening food from the fridge

And it was delicious.

Few women admit their age few men act it.

This forgiveness of student debt will lower enlistment into the military

This is their argument Iím thinking WTF only the poor should fight their wars. When I enlisted at 17 I only had VEAP a Reagan scam veterans education program I remember my first platoon sgt telling us in 1984 you men may wanna enroll in this itís all you got.
I didnít know I assumed I had a GI bill yea I didnít read the fine print. I enrolled I think it was dollar for dollar match I ended up cashing it out and sending it to my wife and our oldest daughter who was a infant at time.
I still had and have used GI loan on mortgage and as for using GI bill for education it didnít happen I had a wife and young daughter obligations on discharge and went to teamster union in 87.

Iím happy that people have received relief actually I would love to see free higher education my tax dollars subsidizing a young person investing in our youth. And it bothers me that my fellow blue collar brethren in that the majority of them are so angry over this debt relief crying socialism.

I ask them do you understand that we have reverse socialism in this country most latest trumpig tax cuts. That has laid two trillion dollars on the backs of the middle class I ask them how can you identify with the wealthy and the greedy and continue voting repig they could give one shit about you.

For the married ladies a Question which one of your kids will never move out.

Your husband.

Boog has been tossed aside the chocolate lab drama his boys back in school

Dear diary man is writing my thoughts because I do not have thumbs day eleventy only day 3 boog since school started I remind him ,the boys have been leaving me for education. I find myself just sleeping and cuddling man to help me through my boys leaving me ,and snacks Iíll wake up for lady and man snacks lunch or just hearing kitchen sounds yet then I go back to sleeping on couch until the bus delivers my boys home from that evil school.

I have told man just wait until you and lady have boys and raise them and they toss you under that yellow bus for education. And you find yourself moping around all day because the last two years we were always together doing the pandemic.

Ok Iím done I have to go the lady just opened up a box of graham crackers and has a jar of peanut butter yours truly Boog come on man move out of the way I have get off couch and mooch.

What would Airborne Jesus do these young troopers today enlisting to be Human Resources.

Thatís right people 42A MOS who knew it was even a thing. This fine young man stopped around to say goodbye to his two BFFís our boys and to talk to me asking me questions , you will be fine I told him over dinner weíll refer to it as chow now soldier and learn to eat real fast and to add hot sauce to everything including the pudding.

Now I ask all of the former 11 infantry series and combat MOS losers and suckers why choose a MOS that you could actually use in the civilian world geez so over chow I asked did you get airborne option he replied laughing no Iím not nuts.

I almost lost it on him thinking give me that bbq chicken left on your plate future REMF yet I didnít because I asked myself what would Airborne Jesus do in a moment as this. For those of you who didnít know thatís right Jesus loves the Airborne especially the Airborne infantry. Yes A MOS that as a young man you can work on affirming your alcoholism for later in life.

Weíre Gods Airborne infantry why we even have our own patron Saint the Archangel Michael do REMFS have a patron saint I seriously doubt it theyíre kind of like our heathens brethren Tankers donít even get me started on those godless red legs the artillery. Why as Airborne infantry we walk around in garrison with our maroon berets sporting our unit flash covering half of our face and possibly the right eye ball if you get it right. Why were studs racehorses serving our nation in a combat MOS that only teaches you the skills of janitorial arts when youíre in garrison mode.

No brag yet the arcom I received serving in 2/325PIR yes I was a animal on the crew served floor buffer. So in closing I hugged this fine young future trooper then told him will see you in a couple months young man Good luck.

I joined a dating site for arsonist

They have sent a lot of matches.

Have a blessed day the hypocrisy

Neighbor down road greeting me as I walked the pup. Now a flag flying from the porch reads fuck you if you voted for Biden , I am truly cautious with these nationalist christofascist I could care if they have studied the Bible I care that they do not understand the constitution.

The vitriol against Dr fauci

Two fellow union workers were saying last night they canít wait for his prosecution because fauci knew I asked what he knew they couldnít answer .

My reply was your orange tick and his repigs sycophants did not listen to the fine Doctor the disconnect in these two is deep.
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