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Member since: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 02:53 AM
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My mom the MAGA!

I have posted here about how I am caring for my mother who has liver cancer. She has been a religious fanatic my entire life and spent her entire life waiting for Revelations to happen. Now she is sick with terminal cancer and if she lives six months it will be a shock to everyone, especially her doctors at City of Hope.

My mom is the sweetest kindest person you could ever meet. There has never been anyone who doesnít meet her and fall in love with her sweet charming ways.

But underneath all that sweet, kind and loving persona there has always been a cognitive dissonance caused by her extreme Catholicism. Case in point: up until recently she complained about the current pope because heís too liberal in her view. How dare he talk about not judging gays. How dare he not talk about going to hell! We were all brought up in such an extremely religious environment that when I say I am a recovering Catholic, I REALLY REALLY mean it.

Well mom fell in love with Trump from the second he said President Obama was not a citizen. She believed Michelle Obama was a closeted transgender man named Michael. She believes Nancy Pelosi is a witch who should be burned at the stake. (Not literally but you get the picture)!!

She has been a Trumper for 7 years! Until yesterday!!! Something came up with my husband about Trump and his MAGA-cards and mom made a disapproving face. I looked at her and said, ďMom! Thatís YOUR GUY! You voted for him TWICE!Ē And she said, ďWell people change their minds!Ē

I was in shock!!! I asked her what will she do if she makes it to the next election. Surprise surprise Ö NOT! She is now in love with DeSantis! But of course she is! 🤦🏽‍♀️

I normally donít engage but I had to know! Whyyyy!!! She said he practices what he preaches! To which I responded: donít forget the Germans voted for Hitler and he practiced what he preached to the point of murder!

My poor mom! I think she lost sleep over that comment!

Mom fell and broke five ribs!

Earlier I had posted about mom coming for a visit from Costa Rica. Sheís 76 and has cirrhosis from diabetes.

Well she blew her diabetic diet, got stopped up, ammonia went into her brain and she lost her balance and fell and broke five ribs. I had set up a baby monitor so she could call me if she had to get up in the middle of the night. But she did not want to bug and tried to do it on her own. So so sad!!! And I feel horrible!!!

Poor little thing is so tough. She was trying not to be a bother instead of asking for help. She was in the hospital for six days and I now managed to get her in a skilled nursing facility. She only gets $590 per month social security. But she didnít have a supplemental health plan so sheís gonna owe 20% of her medical fees.

Iím trying to get her medical and Medicaid in California but they ask for our income since sheís staying here. I donít know how to avoid this. I donít want her to be in all this debt.

Does anyone have any advice on how to manage the system so that they count her as her own household. She doesnít live with me full time. She was here for a visit and fell and now will likely be here much longer.

Oh and to make matters worse they found a 5.5 cm lesion on her liver which was biopsied Monday. Waiting for results.

Poor sweet little thing. She doesnít deserve this!!!

Release unredacted Mueller report!!

Trump ordered the Crossfire Hurricane report unclassified. Why didnít he also declassify the Mueller report? What did he want to hide?

Meals on Wheels???

Hi everyone. My diabetic mom is coming to stay with us for six weeks from Costa Rica. She is 77 years old and has so many health issues itís hard to understand them all. Most of her medicines are covered in Costa Rica and she is bringing those and we will buy what we have to buy here.

She is on a super restrictive diet. And she has to eat her three meals a day plus her snacks. Since our family doesnít share her diet and in order for me not to have to shop and cook two meals for each meal period we thought we might look at Meals on Wheels.

But when I Google them in our area it takes me to only donation sites. Does anyone know of a service like meals on wheels or how I can investigate how to get mom set up?

Appreciate all your help!

Can we just call them the Qpubes?


MAGAts buckling down!

Iím seeing social media blow up with people who had begun to get quiet about their trump support. All of a sudden they are as loud as in 2015. And they are spreading a lot of lies straight from FOX and right wing media. Lots of memes and media clips! Lots!

The Democrats need to be ON THIS with the messaging. As of yesterday!!!!

Cambria California polices themselves!

I was there last week for a small getaway. I went to the local liquor store and I asked the owner if I would have a problem if I drank my michelada while sitting at the beach. He commented, ďNo you wonít! We donít have a police department! We police ourselves!Ē

I live in a city where there is very little crime and regardless you canít drive down the street without seeing a cop in an $80,000 SUV! Yet we have zero public transportation and even less free activities for children after school!

Boy! Do we need to Cambria our city!!

Congress members should class action sue trump!

He put them in harms way. He derilected his duty. He caused an insurrection. He gave them PTSD.

Trump planned to declare victory in 2016 too!

It just so happened the electoral college and email crap helped him win so he didnít need to!!!

He planned the same thing for the 2020 election he would have done for the 2016. They had the plan all along!!!

How do you respond to the republicans are crap but

So are the democrats! Whaaaa! I donít like politicians!!!

Itís ludicrous that independents are repeating this mantra!
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