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Member since: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 02:53 AM
Number of posts: 520

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I think Navarro got busted for more than the insurrection

Crap. Iíve been reading the book Pandemic Inc and it looks like this whole cabal was involved in distributing taxpayer money to crony fake corporations trying to get PPE masks etc.

Too much to type. But I have a feeling we have just cracked the iceberg.

Latin Americans don't have a safety net!

Why do we repeat this disinformation? They have socialized medicine. Thatís it.

If they donít work or lose a job there is no unemployment insurance and no stimulus.

Has anyone looked at what the median income is in Costa Rica? About $500 a MONTH!

And with our strong dollar their currency buys less and less. We are in a resort where they are charging us double American prices. Makes me so sad to know the employees are probably not being paid much. Iíll be tipping generously but weíve been leaving the resort to support the small businesses instead of the wealthy resort owners.

Anyway, just wanted to clear it up. Thanks for reading.

My suspicion on who did the leak

What if Alito or his staff leaked it themselves to get it out there now in hopes it will die down before the midterms. They have to know how mobilizing this is for the left!

By leaving Twitter you're giving them the forum

Why leave? Thatís like giving the right full run of the house.

Instead stay. Block or Donít follow right wing loonies. And use the forum as a tool.

Zelle, PayPal, Venmo etc

So Iím hearing that anyone getting more than $600 deposited using any of these platforms will be 1099íd at the end of the year. This was part of the infrastructure deal.

How did something like this get in there? All these billionaires have all the write offs but the little people selling used items on offer up now get dinged!

Texas needs a vasectomy law to prevent pregnancies

All men get reversible vasectomies. When they want to reproduce they can have it reversed with the signature of the woman who is willing to carry their seed.


Spread everywhere. #TrumpsTaliban

Killing our troops!

Need info re long term vaccine effects

I got into a discussion with my brother who is fully vaccinated. He was resentful that his daughter was forced by her college to get the jab. He said it violates her freedom and her bodily autonomy. He said long term it could affect her fertility chances.

Where does this come from? Is this made up BS? I am looking for any credible source for this and havenít found a single thing. Brother is Republican and has a lot of Republican friends so my suspicion is that someone he respects told him they researched it.

I want to debunk this ASAP. But donít know where to start. Itís so random.

I won't send my son to Afghanistan

We have dual citizenship and if he were drafted heíd be on the first flight out of here.

If I wouldnít send my son I wouldnít send anyone elseís either.

Thatís not because I donít care. Itís because I donít believe we would make a difference. We canít stay there forever.

Trump and Charles Manson

Manson was convicted of murder even though he himself killed no one.

If Manson could be a cult leader then why canít Trump?

I believe Cheney and Kizinger (sp) are definitely in danger. Is that what itís gonna take?
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