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Member since: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 02:53 AM
Number of posts: 521

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Can Biden make student loan interest 0%

This in itself would help all those people paying their student loans. Why should anyone profit off of our future? Education is an investment in the future workers of America!

The Bernie Factor ... coincidence or not?

I keep wondering something. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or just anecdotal. But I remember the Facebook Bernie or Bust arguments. Why is it that every single person I argued with back then was susceptible to the anti-Hillary Russian propaganda? And why did every one of them become a MAGAt?

I’m sick of this line in particular: I voted for Obama! Hillary stole the nomination. Trump is the only one who came along to destroy the system!

That’s it in a nutshell. I’m nit starting this to drag out the old anti or pro Bernie arguments. I want to understand what it is about these types of people that makes them so susceptible to the bullshit and lies.

We need a Truth in Reporting Law

Any station that is not directly reporting verified facts should have a disclaimer:

“The expressed opinions on this program are not verified.”

Both on the left and on the right. It should be announced before, during and after “news” shows like Hanity, Tucker Carlson and even Rachel Maddow. If something they say CAN be corroborated they should be allowed to make the claim it is corroborated, otherwise it’s opinion. And they should not be able to call their programs “news”.

Americans should demand a standard for what is allowed to be called “News”.

This should apply to internet, cable and radio.

Do 18 year olds get stimulus? _(ツ)_/

It was weird. I checked on line and it said we would receive ours direct deposit on the 17th.

Then low and behold a check was already in the mailbox? Weird!

The check was only for $2800. That’s for two people. My son turned 18 in January. I wonder if he will receive the direct deposit???

It will suck if he gets nothing. He needs it for college.

What about "Individual One"?

Shouldn’t he be indicted by now?

I'm sick of MAGAts still calling Biden senile

Just today I received no less than FOUR memes accusing him of senility! One said, “He can’t form a cohesive sentence!” I told her she obviously uses thought stopping techniques rather than her own brain actually paying attention to what the president says.

What is wrong with these people? Have they never seen a senile person before?

Charles Manson vs Trump

I was thinking last night that Trump needs to be convicted the same way Manson was. Manson didn’t actually murder anyone. He incited his cult followers to do it for him!

Trump has a cult following. He’s only quiet now because of the impeachment. But he’ll be back with a roar afterward. UNLESS!!! He needs to be indicted!!! The sooner the better! I think that is why Lindsay Graham is stalling on allowing President Biden’s attorney general to be installed. If I can see it, so can they!

All of the things Trump did while in office were horrible! But what he did while he was leaving ... that was murder!

Now Pence and McConnell should 25th

Him and end our nightmare!

If Trump pardons all non violent drug offenses

I wouldn’t care if he pardons himself and his whole family. Empty those prisons and let people have a life.
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