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Member since: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 02:53 AM
Number of posts: 521

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Can Barr be impeached?

Brady Violation Issue


A Brady violation is when a prosecution withholds exculpatory evidence from a defense.

Trumpís attorneys are claiming they have exculpatory evidence and witnesses and also attempting to withhold said evidence.

What world are we living in?

The world is better without Suleimani...

Some would say the world would be better without Trump.

Bye bye Trump's wig.

Iím 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

(Yes I know itís fake!)

CBS says Zelensky said no quid pro quo

The media will be our downfall.

When they say, "Let the people decide"...

The response should always be: ďThe people deserve to decide on a candidate who does not abuse his power. Trump ainít it. Run someone else!Ē

What happened to the public option?

Why is Medicare for all the new normal? Itís gonna cost us the election.

Why canít there be options?

I'm tired of the Uber military worship

Iím gonna be politically incorrect here. Donít get me wrong. I do appreciate our military and our vets. I just donít understand how some vets are so entitled. Iíll give you an example:

My daughter has put herself through college to be a speech language pathologist and teacher. She has worked hard her entire life and her first job was when she was 12.

She says that 9 out of 10 military vets who come into the restaurant where she serves to pay for her education are not satisfied with the free entre they get. They want a bar drink free too and rarely tip.

This weekend I had to run into a Home Depot. I had dropped my husband off and was going to run to the bank when I realized he forgot his wallet in the car. I saw the vet parking spot right up front and was only going to run in for a minute if even that. Albeit this is just a courtesy parking spot. Not illegal to park there. So I pulled in and was running out when an old white guy jumps out of his old white van covered in pro trump and pro America and Christian stickers.

Mind you, Iím in a hurry because I had no intention of staying in that spot. But he charges at me and gets in my face and yells, ďWhat branch of the military did you serve in?Ē This caught me off guard as well as made me a little nervous. But I donít tend to back down when confronted. Iím the type that would go down fighting. So I said, ďThatís none of your god damned business.Ē And kept briskly walking into the entrance. The guy FOLLOWS ME. And yells, ďIím a vet and youíre NOT!Ē All I said was, ďGood for you!Ē I saw my husband. Gave him his wallet and started to leave as the guy stands there mad dogging me the whole way!

Now this does nothing more than make me want to park in that spot any damned time I feel like it!

Rant over.

Has Biden defended himself?

He needs to get into this. He is getting ratfucked!

I think GOP dumping Trump for Romney!

Trump already got them what they wanted. He went too far for any of them with his immigration actions and the kids in cages, missing kids, etc.

Romney getting ready to run once Trump out of the way. They will run on economy and we will lose.

You heard it here first.
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