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Member since: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 02:53 AM
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What if Judge is the hero of the story?

Maybe he purposely jumped on that bed to help Ford get away? Maybe it started as a prank that Kavenough took too far. He wants to talk privately to the FBI.

How many times will he sniff?

GMAFB! Total acting.

I got drunk at a Catholic school party too!

I didnít know how to drive. My mom had dropped me off at some kidís house senior year. I couldnít tell you whose house it was or even where it was. I had never been in with the popular kids but yet here I was, having been invited by a kid I had a crush on.

I went along with the crowd and drank anything that was offered, mixing my alcohols. Later, somehow, we all ended up at a park and continued the drinking.

I couldnít even walk. I was totally a wobbly blubbering mess. And guess what! Nothing bad happened to me!

In fact, the boy I had a crush on had to go to my best friendís house and climb up her window to ask her how to get me home because I couldnít tell him the directions. He loaned me his leather bomber jacket and drove me home, then had to face my very scary angry dad! I threw up in his car and on his jacket!

The next day I thought I was going to be a laughing stalk. Guess what! Not one person laughed. Friends asked me how I felt. And no one knew I threw up in my crushís car.

Now THAT is how girls should be treated! This was back in 1982! Decent people behave decently, even as kids!
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