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Member since: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 02:53 AM
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Call it authoritarian fascism

Republicanism has turned into authoritarian fascism. Label them like they label us! Media needs to use those words over and over every day. We are fighting authoritarian fascism! Trump floats the idea of American royalty and no term limits.

Nancy's Plan

PLEASE READ! I did not write this but it is perhaps food for thought...

Here's the thing Nancy is doing, she knows Trump will never be convicted in the senate because Mitch is a piece of shit. So there was this one time when Nixon was about to be impeached but he resigned and then another scumbag Republican pardoned him to keep him from going to prison.
So say Trump is impeached and a miracle happens and he is convicted in the senate. Pence becomes president. What do you think the odds are he will pardon Trump? I would put it north of 100%.

Say Nancy does nothing. Trump loses the 2020 election. He and Pence are out of power and guess what? You can't pardon someone who has no criminal charges against them. So Trump flies back to New York. Then three districts file indictments against Trump and his family or Democrats pass the special prosecutor statute again.

Now there's nobody who can pardon Trump and his entire family goes to trial, they're convicted and they go to prison. I don't like waiting anymore than you. I want those Republican traitors to wear their vote in the senate like an albatross so we can use that against those disgusting hypocrites.

What's the best outcome here? Let's not be emotional. Let's be cool, calm and cunning. It will take a year or more to get the impeachment to the senate. We are right near election time. If we use Biden's numbers, he wins the states Hillary won and takes Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. We have the presidency again which means we have the Justice Department. The AG can change that policy that a president can be indicted. The US attorneys are no longer Trump appointees and the full weight of the American rule of law starts prosecuting the Trumps on RICO charges.

I want them all in prison. I want Trump to die in prison. Impeaching him before he leaves office means he can pardon himself or allow Pence to pardon them for any offenses he is indicted for. If we wait, no more Gerold Ford bullshit setting this criminal free.

That's what Nancy is thinking and she's right. It's better to wait and send him to prison. What could possibly be worse for them than that? So let's keep our eye on the prize.
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