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Member since: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 02:53 AM
Number of posts: 521

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If Trump pardons all non violent drug offenses

I wouldnít care if he pardons himself and his whole family. Empty those prisons and let people have a life.

Question about the military

Hello everyone. My son will be graduating from high school this spring and he is undecided about a career path. He scored a 1460 on his SATís and has a 4.0 GPA.

One of his areas of interest is becoming a pilot. I suggested maybe a branch of the military would help him achieve this without going into too much debt. However, heís such a smart kid that I think he should try and enlist as an officer after getting his undergrad.

Are there any persons with insight who could advise us about this. We know nothing about the military, except that the recruiters sometimes lie. So we want to get the low down from others before talking to a recruiter.

Thanks in advance.

Could Trump become an anti-president?

Like they used to have anti-popes when two factions claimed the papacy?

What if he has someone swear him in in January 20th?

What then? Who will the military view as the CoC? Who will the USSS believe to be the true president?

Military vote numbers

Hi. Does anyone have any data on how the military voted this year?

My son in law thinks if there is a coup that the military will back trump. I was telling him I heard the military broke for Biden but he wants to know where I got my info from. If I tell him itís from DU he will disregard it. I havenít found anything doing a search.

Question about Pennsylvania Votes

I have read that the late arriving votes were separated before being ordered by Alito to do so. So are these votes included in the totals? If they are not, then what is the basis for questioning the results of Bidenís win? Doesnít he win without those votes, regardless??

When this is over we all need to fly American flags

I noticed in myself that I have begun to detest when I see American flags. Subconsciously, I have begun to associate it with Republicans. Fuck that! We need to take the flag back from them and attribute it where it belongs! We should take advantage of the moment and do it now.

The argument I'm getting re his taxes HELP!

Itís not illegal to use as many loopholes as possible to avoid paying taxes.

Taxes donít show his assets. He is filthy rich.

Itís not illegal to pay an employee and also said employeeís LLC.

ďIím looking at it like a lawyer would..Ē

This is my brother and heís on the fence on who to vote for. Help me argue this please.
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