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Member since: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 02:53 AM
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Remember the "death panels" that never happened?

Now we literally have Republicans hinting that the elderly should be willing to sacrifice their own lives so the economy can be saved and so Trump can win re-election!

Yes! The “pro-life” party wants millions of deaths of elderly but rights for the unborn!

What is the autoimmune issue with Covid19?

There was a thread here about it and I can’t find it. It was something about young people’s own immune system ends up killing them.

The American Virus Video


Husband works at hospital .. it's everywhere!

Last night they were suddenly slammed. They had to set up triage tents. They brought in trailers and were sending people home too.

The EVD staff worker told my husband who suspected it’s on the fourth floor “it’s in the whole hospital!”

We are hit hard!!
LA County

Why did MSNBC announce Poll results early?

I thought that wasn’t allowed. I think that just gives life to the claim the media is for Biden!

Bill Maher Nails It!

Dump is probably sh1tting himself!

After all he has done and he still has to worry about Biden!
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