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Member since: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 02:53 AM
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Blue states should withhold federal payments

Trump and McConnel are idiots.

They will end up broadcasting what we’ve been saying for decades. The red states are moochers!

Can't find a post. Help!

I forgot to tag it last night.

It was something about a tweet that planned out to show that the rallies are super small compared with what the media wants us to see.

If a school superintendent did this everyone would

Flip out!

Tells principals to bid and purchase all school books and curriculum. Drives up prices. They spend the school funds on buying and superintendent confiscates it all and gives it to his favorite principals.

People would be screaming bloody murder that their kids are losing out on resources that belong to them and the superintendent would probably be fired!

Yet Trump getting away with it! Makes governors waste time and resources just to confiscate the items and pass it out as he sees fit.

California Herd Immunity?

I know a lot of people who had the worst “flu” of their lives this past late fall and early winter. And many of the Asian kids wearing masks to school.


When did Trump finally get it?

He was down playing it for so long and all of a sudden got it. I wonder when and how that took place? Who got to him?

And why are other countries so ahead of the curve?

Was trump lied to by WHO and CHINA?

Having discussion with MAGA friend. This is her defense. I remember someone had posted a link to an article of the timeframe of when Trump knew the truth and when he finally acted. Can’t find it.
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