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Member since: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 02:53 AM
Number of posts: 520

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How do you respond to the republicans are crap but

So are the democrats! Whaaaa! I donít like politicians!!!

Itís ludicrous that independents are repeating this mantra!

I think the messages Cheney showed were on Meadows

Phone they took yesterday. Meadows is done. He better flip and quick!!

I think Navarro got busted for more than the insurrection

Crap. Iíve been reading the book Pandemic Inc and it looks like this whole cabal was involved in distributing taxpayer money to crony fake corporations trying to get PPE masks etc.

Too much to type. But I have a feeling we have just cracked the iceberg.

Latin Americans don't have a safety net!

Why do we repeat this disinformation? They have socialized medicine. Thatís it.

If they donít work or lose a job there is no unemployment insurance and no stimulus.

Has anyone looked at what the median income is in Costa Rica? About $500 a MONTH!

And with our strong dollar their currency buys less and less. We are in a resort where they are charging us double American prices. Makes me so sad to know the employees are probably not being paid much. Iíll be tipping generously but weíve been leaving the resort to support the small businesses instead of the wealthy resort owners.

Anyway, just wanted to clear it up. Thanks for reading.
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