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Bluesaph's Journal
Bluesaph's Journal
July 24, 2022

Cambria California polices themselves!

I was there last week for a small getaway. I went to the local liquor store and I asked the owner if I would have a problem if I drank my michelada while sitting at the beach. He commented, “No you won’t! We don’t have a police department! We police ourselves!”

I live in a city where there is very little crime and regardless you can’t drive down the street without seeing a cop in an $80,000 SUV! Yet we have zero public transportation and even less free activities for children after school!

Boy! Do we need to Cambria our city!!

July 22, 2022

Congress members should class action sue trump!

He put them in harms way. He derilected his duty. He caused an insurrection. He gave them PTSD.

July 14, 2022

Trump planned to declare victory in 2016 too!

It just so happened the electoral college and email crap helped him win so he didn’t need to!!!

He planned the same thing for the 2020 election he would have done for the 2016. They had the plan all along!!!

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