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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 3,363

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Colorado primary poll: Bernie Sanders leads Democrats; Elizabeth Warren is No. 2


Pelosi says she'd be comfortable with Sanders at top of ticket


Are all the Biden supporters here now going to say Pelosi is a Republican trying to sabotage the Dems?

McConnell Warns GOPers Bernie Could Be A Bigger Threat Than They Think


Im reminded of when the Democrats back in 1980 were all pulling for Ronald Reagan to be the nominee because they thought hed be the easiest to beat, McConnell said. I think Republicans speculating about which Democratic candidate for president would be the easiest to beat may be a bit foolish.

Bernie Sanders Leads Among Democratic Voters on Who Can Best Unify the Party: Poll


Just a reminder for everyone that can't get over the Castro "scandal"


South Carolina debate watchers most impressed by Sanders and Biden -- CBS News poll


Michael Bloomberg called Goldman Sachs bankers his 'peeps' and promised to defend them, leaked tape


Sounds familiar. Very Trumpian.

Joe Biden tells crowd he's a 'candidate for the United States Senate' in confused campaign speech


Wow. DP is one of the most toxic forums I've ever participated in.

90% of all posts are attacking Bernie Sanders like crazy. Various posters behaving like Trump supporters trolling people who support a candidate they don't like with cry emojis just like Trump supporters tell libs "aww, poor libs are sad."

Has that forum always been this hateful and disgustingly toxic? If that's the kind of unity I should expect from Dems, I guess I better prepare to leave the country because Trump will likely capitalize on it.

Amid Right-Wing Effort to Smear Sanders Over Cuba Comments, Campaign Issues Reminder That Obama Said

The Same Thing

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