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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 3,363

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Bloomberg is fabricating quotes attributed to Bernie

and spreading those fake quotes all over social media. Absolutely disgusting. Bloomberg has no business running the Dem primary.


Biden holds small edge over Sanders in pivotal South Carolina primary: NBC News/Marist poll


The ridiculous 15 point poll that Biden supporters are pushing here is a massive outlier. No other poll shows Biden beating Sanders by anywhere near that much in SC.

New poll suggests Bernie Sanders building lead in Michigan


Bernie is +7 against Trump in Michigan.

Ted Lieu words of wisdom


Could Bernie re-label himself without seeming dishonest?

Obviously the biggest concern about Bernie for people here is his Democratic Socialist label. He's not actually a socialist if you look at his policies. He supports Social Democracy like Norway and Denmark. But none the less, people cling to labels more than policies and actions.

Could Bernie potentially relabel himself as someone in favor of heavily regulated capitalism with a strong social safety net like the Nordic model, or would people think he's being disingenuous?

I wonder which would hurt him more - standing by the label, or modifying it.

It's not just bros: Sanders wins with a diverse coalition - Analysis: The Vermont senator's victory


Inside Georgina Bloomberg and Ivanka Trump's Filthy Rich Friendship


Anyone feel like Bloomberg is vying to be the other Trump? He's not much different than Trump, he just he has more manners. He's still in this to protect the rich elite and hurt everyone else.

Election Update: We Got A Flurry Of New National Polls. Sanders Led Them All.


Any positive things for us today?

I'm so depressed hearing about all these pardons. Nothing upsets me more than unfairness and injustice. These criminals do not deserve to get pardons. Look how much damage Trump is doing a few weeks after acquittal. We have 9 more months of this until we even have a chance of stopping him.

Is there any good news for the good guys at all? Any chance some of these guys might have state charges awaiting them?

Sanders opens 12-point lead nationally: poll


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