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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 3,363

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What do you think Mueller's thought process is?

I'm curious what Mueller and his staff might be doing seeing all the news reports. Devin Nunes releasing a top secret memo to hurt the FBI. Most top level officials being forced out of the FBI, Paul Ryan calling for a cleansing of the FBI. Trump talking about prosecuting Mueller.

You think Mueller's team is worried? I would think dropping indictments on people like Nunes and Ryan would be done now to change the narrative and get them off the FBI attacks, but we're not seeing that and Trump would just pardon them.

I wonder how Mueller deals with such a blatant attack on the FBI and obstruction/crimes by most of the Republican party.

Schiff giving statement on Memo meeting.

Doesn't sound good.

Why is Matt Gaetz on Velshi and Ruhle?

Why would they invite that traitor into the studio to discuss the Nunes memo?

I really don't get the mainstream media. Their weak attempts at trying to seem unbiased just smack of pathetic ratings grabs. Gaetz offers absolutely nothing to justify interviewing him.

Do you think Trump will declassify Nunes' memo?

Lots of Trump supporters talking about the memo being declassified, maybe tomorrow. A former prosecutor said he'd file criminal charges against Nunes if it gets released.

What are the implications if it does get released? Will it benefit Trump by showing abuse of the FISA warrant, it will it again implicate Nunes in a criminal conspiracy to protect Trump?

Melania goes to Holocaust museum and Mar-a-Lago

Not a big deal, but Melania attended the Holocaust Museum this morning, and then flew out to Palm Beach. She's now at Mar-a-Lago.

Packing her things before Trump gets back from Davos?

Political Jobs/Volunteering

Not sure if this is the right forum for this or DU Lounge.

Was hoping to get a discussion going on ways to try and help Democrats win this year. I'm fed up with my job and looking to get into politics, but not having much luck doing so. My degree is in Poli Sci, but I don't have experience in it. I'm a Maryland resident and work in D.C. so I'm near it all.

Have any of you gotten involved in political careers or volunteering? How do you join a campaign to elect a Democrat? My Senator is up for re-election this year, but haven't found a way to join his campaign. What are the best ways to get a paid job or volunteer for campaigns or Capitol Hill?

Rep. Luis Guitierrez on CNN promising the wall.

Leave it to Dems to cave to give up any leverage they have. They're now saying they will agree to build the wall as high as Trump wants it just to keep DACA going.

I don't want the stupid wall. Caving into Trump and Republicans is just stupid politics.

What's this #releasethememo nonsense?

Trump supporters and bots are brigading twitter with that hashtag over some apparent news of a memo showing FISA abuses by Comey/Obama.

Where did this even come from? Sounds like Nunes is involved, but it just blew up on twitter trending out of nowhere. Is this another distraction now that the NRA is implicated in treason?

Very Somber Rachel Tonight

Wow, Rachel seems dejected and frustrated tonight. She doesn't usually express things as so embarrassing, disgusting, offensive, abnormal. You can tell she's just so fed up with how horrible this administration is.

Matt Gaetz on Erin Burnett right now whining about Anti-Trump Bias

in the investigation.

I despise that little jerk. I hope he ends up in jail and not just for a DUI.
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