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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 11:01 AM
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I don't understand polling.

So the new NBC/WSJ poll came out last night. It showed Trump's approval has risen to 45% (that's absolutely insane and depressing.)

But it also showed that Independents now support a Democratic Congress by a margin of 22%. As of June, it was only a 7 point difference. That's a 15% increase in 1 month.

How on Earth can nearly triple the number of Independents support flipping Congress to blue to put a check on Trump, but his approval actually goes up? I just don't get it.

Trump may have actually lost by 19 million votes.


16 million people were illegally purged from voter rolls between the 2014 mid-terms and 2016 election. Most were low-income and minorities including in states like Florida and North Carolina.

That is terrifying. The GOP is attacking us from within and Russia is hacking from outside.

Lawrence: Sounds like Coats is about to get fired.

White House not happy about his interview today. They accusing him of going rogue.

Has anyone submitted a tip an ethics non-profit?

Has anyone submitted to a tip line like at CREW, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington?

I just saw this report about Rand Paul abusing campaign donations for person expenses and lavish trips. I don't know how to report it or get it investigated.


For those with Trump supporting/Republican family/friends

Have you ever asked them if they would actually prefer living in a country like Russia? Would they enjoy living under an authoritarian regime with no rights, no free speech, no guns, no free press, and mass poverty if they're not in the government?

I'm sure there is massive cognitive dissonance there, but for those that would oppose living like that, I wonder if they realize that is exactly the path America is headed. They will no longer have any rights under Trump/the GOP.

Light Up the Switchboard! Call your Congress members!

The switchboard # is 202-224-3121

I just left a message with my Senator, Chris Van Hollen who has a bill ready to go to put heavier sanctions on Russia.

Please light up the switchboard as often as you can. Demand that heavier Sanctions get put on Russia, and demand that Trump be removed from office by any means necessary in light of him actively conspiring and covering up with Putin.

We need millions of people to bombard Congress with demands to put a stop to this immediately. If you have a Republican Congress member, tell them either stand up for this Country, or resign.

Joyce Vance just said at a bare minimum, this NYT article on Trump knowing

about Putin ordering the hack means he's been engaged in a cover up for the past year and half. She said this absolutely gives Congress a mandate to discuss Trump's violation of the Oath to the Constitution and consider removing him.

Obviously the #1 issue is Republicans don't care.

Surprise! Dana Rohrabacher is one of the US persons mentioned in the Butina indictment.


Remember Kevin McCarthy admitting on tape that he thinks Putin pays 2 people, Rohrabacher and Trump?

Not surprisingly, Rohrabacher made a statement today calling the arrest of Butina stupid.

Another suspicious Russian hack.

Rep. Swalwell just pointed it out. Brad Ashford of Nebraska was the incumbent in the House race in his district in 2016. He got hacked by the Russians a few months before the election. He lost to his Republican challenger.

He's the only incumbent Democrat to lose to a Republican in the House races.


Mark Meadows is filing impeachment articles for Rosenstein.

Just saw this reported on twitter. Meadows is going ahead with trying to impeach Rosenstein.

Holy crap, these people are so criminal. I'm getting really worried. What are the odds that would actually pass?
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