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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 11:01 AM
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NBC/WSJ Poll today - Trump approval 43%. WTH?


What is up with these polls? 2 polls this week showed him at 34 and 37%. Today an NBC poll puts him back up 43%?

It's ridiculous how many horrible, criminal things he can do and nobody cares.

Interesting point about Mueller Today.

Purely speculation and we have no idea what might happen, but apparently Mueller met with the grand jury today. As you may be aware, Mueller grand jury days are almost always on Fridays.

The last time Mueller met with the grand jury on a Thursday, he released the indictments on the 12 GRU agents the next day.

It will be interesting to see if that pattern happens again, or if this is just Mueller trying to squeeze in time before Grand juries start losing funding.

Wow. Ari has 4 Mueller probe subjects on at one time.

What a mess.

Which Presidential Candidate would you most like to work for?

Thinking of trying to get in with a Presidential campaign since I'm having no luck working for Congress. Kamala Harris just announced her bid and her office is going to be 20 minutes away from me.

But do I want to commit to her campaign over Warren or some others who might enter the ring (Beto?) Tough decision.

Watch Rachel

Chuck Rosenberg is saying he thinks the wording of the Mueller statement is that the Buzzfeed report is likely true at its core, based on court filings but they're trying to keep some of it under wraps for investigative purposes.

Congressman Tom Marino Announces Resignation

Source: marino.house.gov

ďAs of January 23, 2019, I am officially stepping down from Congress. Having spent over two decades serving the public, I have chosen to take a position in the private sector where I can use both my legal and business experience to create jobs around the nation."

Read more: https://marino.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/congressman-tom-marino-announces-resignation

Republican, PA-12.

Very bizarre considering he just got sworn in again 2 weeks ago. Why did he run for office in November just to quit now? Something suspicious going on.

Does anyone here work for a member of Congress?

Looking for some advice about working on Capitol Hill.

Does anyone here work for a member of Congress?

Have a few questions about working on Capitol Hill.

Does anyone here work for a member of Congress?

Not sure if here is better to post or General Discussion. Just had some questions if anyone is working on Capitol Hill.

Dems are putting out some amazing things on Day 2.

A lot of this won't go anywhere due to Republicans and Trump, but these initial bills are awesome. Amazing what happens when adults are in charge. Republicans couldn't come up with a single good idea in 2 years. Dems have beat them in less than 2 days.

Some examples of bills proposed in the House so far:

Reopen the Government
End the Electoral College and prevent Presidents from pardoning themselves or their families.
Overturning Citizens United.
House rule changes including banning discrimination for LGBT people in Congressional staffing. (Passed)
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