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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 11:01 AM
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I feel seriously sick.

Giving campaign data to Russians, coordinating wikileaks, Moscow tower project, Trump tower meeting, asking Russia to hack the DNC and then them doing it, Trump's constant pandering to Putin, lifting sanctions, etc.

How on earth is that not collusion?

Who would you want to work for?

I'm looking into working on a campaign, but can't decide whose campaign to work for. Pete Buttigieg just listed some job openings for his campaign. Just really torn on who to get experience with.

Manafort Sentence Out

60 Months for Count 1, with 30 running concurrent.

13 months for count 2 consecutive.

File a complaint with the courts over Judge Ellis' conduct.


He should be removed from the bench and disbarred. There is no doubt he have preferential treatment of Manafort the entire time.

Manafort: 47 months.

Holy crap. That is so insanely light for his crimes. This country is a joke.

I'm losing faith in America ever recovering.

Seeing the enormous amount of defense of Trump all over social media and around the country. The fact that Trump has committed more crimes than anyone in history with no consequences. The entire Republican party is complicit. McConnell is putting so many far-right extremists on the federal courts, our rights are going to be eliminated.

I'm just having a hard time being positive about all this. If I had the means, I'd be leaving this country now.

Rachel tonight about Manafort

Apparently Mueller submitted some new evidence from Rick Gates that was somewhat exculpatory to Manafort. Judge Jackson said, thanks for the new info, but it doesn't change his sentence lol.

Ted Lieu Statement on Jared Kushner


Ted Lieu is actually telling US intel agencies to refuse giving Jared Kushner any intelligence information. That's crazy and obviously absolutely necessary.
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