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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 11:01 AM
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Aaron Schock, former Congress Rep. outed as gay.

You may know him as the good-lucking Republican who was indicted for using campaign funds to decorate his office like Downtown Abbey.

Well, he was caught at Coachella partying with gay men, and even making out with a gay guy with his hand down his pants.


He of course is well known for being one of the most anti-gay Republicans in Congress - constantly voting on bills that harm LGBT people.

I always suspected he was gay after he opted to wear this:

One thing that frustrates me like crazy: Trolls/Bots on Social Media

I realize a lot of people don't belong to social media for this reason, but I get a lot of my news by following reporters/Dems on twitter. Anytime CNN, or Adam Schiff, or somebody else perceived as being favorable to Dems posts something on twitter, they get an endless barrage of trolls, bots, and Trump cult members flooding the threads with flat out lies and nonsense.

It often to amounts to "There is nothing to impeach Trump for." "Trump hasn't done anything wrong, he's doing a great job." "Dems are just mad Hillary lost." "The Mueller report said no collusion!"

Obviously they're idiots, but it's so frustrating how much influence they have. People who can't spot their lies or realize they're bots will probably be convinced by them if they aren't following the news. It's a real threat to Democracy and companies like Twitter, Facebook, etc. are doing nothing to stop it.
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