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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,155

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Anyone know what's going on in Oklahoma regards todays death count?

1point3 acres shows 1716 new deaths today. Worldometers shows no report from Oklahoma. If I were guessing Oklahoma got caught cooking the books. That is an awful lot of deaths to be reclassified.

I have rightly been called out by a lady on my Facebook group.

She objected to my saying Gaetz had sex with underage girls. She gently stated that this is understating that he had sex with children. I have promised to do better. I think she was correct.

So the Covid relief bill would have passed on Saturday if Ron Johnson hadn't tried to slow it down.

He's really bad at his job.

Regarding ACA. Anyone have any idea how one can get an online quote without getting

endless phone calls? Every link I've tried ends up with e mail or phone number required. I just want to see rates and plans.

Just got my 2nd dose of vaccine. Got card to prove it.

Now all I need is my rabies shot and I can get license.

Watching a report last night from Texas, they showed union workers going door to door.

They were showing people how to shut their water off. I was struck by how shallow the valves and inlet pipes are. Didn't look like more than a foot or 18 inches. To weatherize that system would be monumental task. Also they showed many buildings where there were outside supplies that looked like common old PVC. I'm guessing if they do it right it will take years.

Houston. Rover has landed. I repeat Rover has landed.

The Mars probe was successful also.

I will never understand why historians like Beschloss didn't

whip up a chapter to show how history will look on the Trump followers and Senate traitors in 20 years. I think if some had seen how their names would go down in history they might have thought twice about betraying country and oath.

You couldn't find 17 principled Republicans in the country.

Anyone who thought you could find that many in the Senate were kidding yourselves. This was for the historians. Trump and his acolytes will not be treated well by them.

The mystery of the day see if you can figure it out!

A Houston doctor that was head of a Coronavirus clinic was in possession of a vial of vaccine that had one dose taken out of it at 6:45 PM. The vaccine would be useless in six hours so he took it upon himself to find people who qualified for the drug before it expired. He found 9 patients who qualified before going home. There was one dose left in the vial he injected that into the arm of his wife who had a severe pulmonary condition.

In Hillsdale Michigan a hospital administrator took hundreds of doses of vaccine for employees and staff of his alma mater Hillsdale College. Most of these people were on no list of priority for the vaccine. Yet he made them available to the college while people actually on list were unable to get an appointment. He subsequently said he could do anything he wanted and lashed out at people who were critical of his decision and his judgement.

One of these people was originally from Pakistan. Can you guess which one was charged with stealing and fired from his job?

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