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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 12:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,945

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World O Meters has us at about 2500 new deaths currently

they are showing 1025 New York. If that is correct that is a terribly bad sign. Anybody have an idea what's happening?

Isn't all this Presser talk about reopening just public masturbation?

The sane Governors aren't going to reopen just to do this all again. The insane ones haven't hit the peak for their states yet. The fact that two R Governors have joined a pact with Midwestern Governors not to prematurely reopen should be an indication even to him he's at the governors mercy. Not the other way around.

Rapidly approaching 35,000 dead. Michigan has said

They will soon start counting those who died at home alone. New York has started doing that. As other states do that the numbers will be pretty staggering.

My little hell hole in Mi. managed to stir up 3 more cases

Michigan shows 172 new deaths. Now over 2,000 total 1,204 new cases. State fatality rate 7% My proud county is at 11%. We aren't anywhere near ready to open.

Refresh my memory are we headed for a new high in deaths?

While the idiots in my state were protesting Mi. has 153 new deaths.

1,058 new cases. I am so proud of these rugged individualists. who blocked traffic and impeded an entrance to a hospital

Feds ship 22,000 non functioning masks to Michigan

Bridge magazine reports 22,000 masks were destroyed after 2,000 were found to be faulty. They report similar incidents have occurred in other states.

Michigan not much good news here Looks like 166 new deaths.

2 in my county the little Trump loving hellhole. 27,000 plus cases now.

As I predicted in posts some days ago Trump announced he will use Medical supplies

to bludgeon Governors to reopen way to early. This was the game all along. Steal the supplies so he could dole them out as he saw fit. His transparent tweet confirms that. Nice state you got there be ashamed if something happened to it.

Michigan numbers better again today with a caveat.

95 new deaths. 645 new cases. However Michigan site says new cases might mean less weekend activity in private testing facilities. Weekends have shown drop offs before. I'll take it as good news none the less.
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