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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 12:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,943

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Michigan numbers significantly better

about 50% better. Hope it's not a sucker hole.

Coumos presser. Thought it was masterful.

Starts off saying this isn't political. Then several times he said regarding reopening. If you didn't tell me there was a problem in January or February, how can I trust you to tell me if there is a problem in the future. Also he worked in the phrase that Bush mangled so badly. Fool me once. I also thought his statement about trying to reopen the economy without New York being absurd. I took it as a shot across the bow of the Trumptanic. Anyone have thoughts on this/

Michigan number looking terrible again. over 200 new deaths.

Meanwhile they are trying to recall that woman from Michigan for closing factories.

Re Lincoln Project I'd like input from others

I have been tempted to throw a few bucks their way. I think they have some of the best stuff out there against Trump. However I pull up short when I remember who they were before Trump and what they'll be after. Is anyone on here donating to them? And what are your thoughts on the subject?

Today in sports on our local radio station it was reported that Tiger Woods

shot 14 under par at Pebble Beach. In his mind.

According to Mrs Gibraltar Gretchen just pissed off a whole bunch of people.

She says that Motorcycle riding is not essential. Bicycles are OK cause that's exercise. I rode motorcycles for 54 years until I knew it wasn't wise anymore. Other than long days in the saddle there really isn't much physical action on a bike so I agree with her. Let's get people to do what's necessary and get through this ASA reasonably P.

In my little hell hole here in South Central Michigan.

As I have said before we are designated a rural hotspot. I am expecting a surge in hospital admissions as the Trump low lives suffer whip lash. They are busy beating up the administrator of the medical care facility for allowing Corona virus into the facility. not withstanding three weeks ago it was a hoax they are in moral outrage and screaming every one needs to be sued. They haven't gotten the memo that says used senior citizens lives don't really matter. When they change direction on their talking points I expect many injuries.

Fewer new cases in Mi. But 117 deaths two in my county.

Still way short on testing. I suspect we still don't have enough kits to do a decent sample.

Donnie Death, And Draconian measures

Here's the deal folks. Donnie Death and Jared found a way to make a few bucks and pilfered our medical supplies then sold them abroad. They have frantically tried to replace them by any dishonest means possible. Not for widespread distribution to the states at this time though. Because Donnie knows the only thing he's got to hang his hat on is the economy, that is the single minded focus. As states hit their most dire moment he's going to use our medical supplies as a bludgeon to make states reopen. Nice state ya got there be too bad if something happened to it.

Barr making statements about Draconian restrictions is just part of it. His other henchman will start saying that it really isn't that bad. Science be damned he is going to try to force states to rescind their stay home orders. I expect a virtual drumbeat to start any time now. I think one way they will do it will be to discount the lives already lost by depreciating them like you would a building. They are also going to keep hammering that body count are fake numbers. Testing is the only way we stop this and he is doing everything he can to prevent that.

I must be so proud. My little county just got named a rural hotspot.

Why am i proud? Because we worked for it and we deserve it. I can't tell you where in Michigan my county is. I'll just say it's where Hillsdale College is. You might ask how we worked for it? Well when Governor first announced shelter in place the mayor of that town where the college is said the city council would meet anyhow and he'd bring his gun. One thing my county hates more than anything is truth. Shortly thereafter the Right wing circle jerk blog posted an emergency meeting of rugged individualists who must stand up to the tyranny of the woman Democrat giving them orders. I tried to explain she was trying to keep them safe. That was not well received. I suggested that they might want to listen to the Governor instead of where they were getting their information. That was really poorly received one particularly nasty woman suggested she was a professional health care worker and I knew nothing about Novel Corona virus. I responded, actually niece I do know something about it because I read and understand what I read. Yes it was my own niece who's diapers I changed who said I was being political. Within minutes I was told I wasn't welcome on the site. I asked why I hadn't sworn which is what they told me was forbidden. The reply was I was being nasty.
Anyhow now we are a hotspot with 4 dead. And they still think it's a conspiracy.
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