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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 12:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,945

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Looks like we're off and running over 12,000 new cases

according to Worldometers.

I think we should support these Godly ministers who want to hold mass services

in starting their new prison ministries.

Some asked how did it get so bad in Michigan?

I think answer is in these stats. I started keeping close tabs when first cases were announced. Even though numbers were low she announced her first limit on assembly. After looking at the numbers I saw our number of positives were extremely high on testing. In first stage we were getting about 1.2 positives for every two tests. We had very few test kits available they were testing only the sickest. She knew early on and acted. But the earliest test numbers showed we had a huge problem in the making. Numbers aren't as skewed now as they were because we are doing testing on people that don't show every symptom.

Growing nostalgic for the good old days;

When we were talking about 180,000 cases,

Tales from the front line day 20. Think we're past the danger point.

things no longer fall out of the freezer when we open the door. A bit of a downer just got word an old racer, client, whose race car I worked on died while in his winter home in Florida. Pretty vital guy last time I saw him at car shows. I assume Covid but not certain on that.

Michigan numbers lookin terrible again today

9334 cases 337 deaths Think deaths is like 74 plus. This is from Mi. Corona virus site.

Seeing things through other eyes.

I enjoy hell out of you tube. Lots of shit but lots of very interesting stuff. Anyhow I've watched a couple episodes of a truckers vids. He's at present picking up trailers and getting them where they are needed.
last episode I watched he told how even though he's out there he can't find a place to eat he wants a meal but even truck stops only have stuff to take with stuff that really isn't that good for you. He has to stay over the weekend in Albany Georgia can't find any place to eat finally gets Taco Bell. Another thing he says three weeks ago he was treated as a second class citizen. This week when he checks into motel they call him a hero of the highways.

For those so inclined Glenn Kirchner has a new You Tube channel.

He lays it out pretty damn well regarding what we need to do re. Trump, Barr etc. I have always enjoyed him. Ir's only been up a few days vids aren't long but get directly to the point. Try it you might like it.
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