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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,824

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Amongst all the euphoria let's remember Trump will most likely

kill 2,000 Americans today. 90 some will be veterans. That absolutely needs to be repeated every day.

Meanwhile U S is paying a yuuuge Trump tax as we approach 2,000 deaths today

If I remember correctly we went from 11 million cases to 12 million since Sunday. We need to keep this on the news along with all the other shit. I feel this is strongest point to use in Georgia election. My calling today leads me to believe this is still very important to Georgians.

My? Republican Congressman Tim Walberg says he has the Coronavirus.

Considering he lies about everything I won't believe it until I see pictures of him on a ventilator.

So we have this Corona virus outbreak in South Central Mi.

Reporting from behind the lines in a red county in south central Mi. A College we will call Midvale because that is the name Law And Order TV show chose when they did a story years ago that had absolutely "nothing to do with the actual college I'm reporting on". There is a Covid outbreak, an insider just told me a little over 37% of the students are testing positive. As of Monday there were 175 positives in only 475 tests , 12 symptomatic. 52 in quarantine.

There are 155 also in isolation in several areas including on campus and offsite. My informant said many are self isolating? or supposed to be in off campus dwellings they are not included in the numbers. Meanwhile administration on the hill is saying they are doing pretty much everything as scheduled and don't want to impinge on the students natural rights. Translate that to mean the pampered self important darlings are free to parade around the town where Midvale is located maskless and in packs at grocery stores.

From day 1 Midvale College has flouted the Governors orders. in March when they asked kids not to come back they explicitly said it was their choice, they didn't have to listen to her. At end of semester they held an actiual in person commencement. They actually had armed guards trying to prevent Journalists who were on public property from reporting on it.

Now even more troubling they have published articles in their house paper touting so called herd immunity. I was just informed the guy who wrote it was also the one who gave them the justification to hold the live commencement. The county has at present 32 deaths and about 1,000 cases. a derelict city council and county commissioners who are unduly influenced by Midvale College have done everything possible to spread this, encouraging masklessness and risky behaviors by citizens and businesses.

Midvale College has poisoned the town and thus county for many years in so many ways. They have a very successful scam that has gone on for a very long time. They have spawned other scams that have also harmed the area. But this scam is deadly it kills and maims. This is by far the worse thing Midvale has ever done.

Can anyone who follows the CDC tracker explain the anomaly

of them showing almost 200,000 new cases yesterday? I didn't see any of the others anywhere near that. Is it possible they are dumping stuff they hid for Trump in an effort to catch up?

Meanwhile Trump body count up 1,220 plus

and 129,000 new cases. But the day is still young.

Letitia James warming up in the wings.

Have a great day Mr. pResident.

America needs to hear from the great Kate Smith all weekend long.

In other news.

Even though it is after election we still have Coronavirus to deal with. Look for a new record today. Worldometers has us at about 90,000 cases today. Trump will blow away long before this does.

It has indeed been a very happy birthday.

My first cognizance of politics was on 11 04 1952. That was my seventh birthday. The reason it is memorable my grandfather had procured candle holders portraying donkeys and elephants also a miniature whitehouse ornament. The elephant candle holders seven of them were around the top of the cake and the whitehouse, the donkeys without candles were stuck in the side of the cake and descending from the whitehouse. He joked that Eisenhower being elected and Democrats ejected was a great thing.

What did I know I was seven, however I remember it vividly. My Grandpa was a generally good guy taught me many things that stuck with me for life. As I grew up I thought I was a Republican. However as I matured and with the prodding of my future Mother In Law and my future wife I did some self examination. My Grandpa was a farmer who if not for Roosevelts WPA in the depression would have lost his farm. He didn't see the irony in that apparently. I began to question this cognitive dissonance that my Gramps had. I have never been able to fully explain it to myself. I just at some point knew it was wrong and made no sense.

After entering the working world and seeing how things actually went I became a life long Democrat. Today is shaping up to be the best birthday present I've ever had. That Michigan my Michigan could atone for the terrible mistake they made and that the Coup De Gras was administered by those women from Michigan is the frosting on my birthday cake.
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