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gibraltar72's Journal
gibraltar72's Journal
December 23, 2022

Pro tip for snow removal

live next door to head mechanic at county base garage. That is all EOM!!

December 7, 2022

If I were Democratic party I would start right now

making up phone lists for next election in house. I have lived with a phone in my hand since 1974. First in my profession then as often as needed for Dems. both in state and out. I know phone lists and I can recognize the difference between a good list and a bad one. In my opinion after calling this cycle in Michigan and Georgia I think buying services of companies that have calling lists just doesn't work.

I'm not talking about classified versus non classified lists. I am talking about lists that are 40% errors, wrong numbers or moved out of state. I can't believe number of wrong numbers, one weary guy told me he had his number for 8 years and no one by the name had ever lived there. I had one guy say he was going to report me for soliciting voter fraud because he lived in Pennsylvania and I was calling for Warnock.

Another thing is use the latest technology available. Calling for the actual Warnock official campaign required tying up both a phone line and a computer. I hadn't used that archaic technology since Kerry ran. I believe investing some money in people that want a system to work not just the numbers dialed whether good or bad makes good political sense. As I posted here earlier I felt in last two days calling in Georgia we were just getting on peoples last nerve. As Beau of the fifth column would say "it's just a thought".

December 6, 2022

I was scheduled to be calling for Warnock tonight

After yesterdays session it became apparent to me we were just pissing people off at this point. Even some very nice supporters said enough is enough. Others were not so polite. I've been doing phoning for over 30 years I don't take anything personal. I've been cussed out my morals called into question that doesn't faze me but I sensed yesterday people have been phone bombed and texted until they are sick of it. Some on our side chewed on me for a while then thanked me for what I was doing. I pulled the plug about 40 minutes early. I sensed I was doing more harm than good.

December 2, 2022

I am smitten

Marissa Tomei visited the Zoom phone bank I was in last night.

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