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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
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I predict a new "Kingmaker" in Republican party.

The gong show will begin on march 1 when Mike Pence speaks at Christian Nationalist Hillsdale College. I believe every Republican candidate for President will have to kiss the ring of Larry Arnn President of Hillsdale College. You can already hear Arnns voice through dummies like DeSantis, Younkin, and Lee. Arnn is the ventriloquist speaking.

Hillsdale College has found the perfect scam to raise millions of dollars, portraying itself as all that is good and moral in America. Because of their outsize influence this small Michigan college has become a symbol of resistance against government, "as long as it's not their government" Arnn was instrumental in the production of the 1776 project that was offered up by TFG to counter the more factually correct 1619 project.

I predict a steady stream of Presidential wannabes will try to curry favor with Arnn by appearing at College to speak on topics that tickle Arnns fancy. Topics could be as with Pence Faith, destruction of public education, minority rule etcetera. Anyway I'm sure you get the drift. None of it is good for America as we know it.

Can I sue.

Just came out of 4 days with no electricity, heat, water and good humor. I had a 41 day streak going with Wordle. I couldn't play for four days. The bastards called my streak broken and started me over at 1 yesterday. This has caused me extreme stress, humiliation and anger. I feel deeply aggrieved and think they have made a tragic mistake causing me great harm.
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