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Thomas Hurt

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Member since: Wed Mar 8, 2017, 12:59 PM
Number of posts: 13,524

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I have this covfefe thing, Trump's late hours and the red lights figured out in one theory.

"Despite the negative press covfefe" was not about the media at all.

The real story here is that styling Donnie's hair is a laborious and harrowing experience and it takes hours. So Donnie is forced to set up into the wee hours of the morning to get it done. He watches Fox, stuffs his face and screams at the tv in between styling procedures.

The red lights seen at the WH are heat lamps of some kind to cure the hair spray.

The tweet was mistake it was supposed to be a text to his stylist.

covfefe really means "coiffure". He fat fingered the word because of the fired chicken grease.

I suspect that "negative press coiffure" is one of the hair processing stages or such.

So, I wonder what the Israelis think about FF45 doing a defense deal

with Saudi Arabia for around three times what Obama did for Israel?

If the Russia thing is a hoax....

and FF45 has no ties to Russia, and Sessions, Manafort, Flynn, Kushner, Stone, Carter etc. did nothing illegal and Trump never said anything untoward to anyone ever....

why do the leakers need to be caught? Is it a crime to lie to the press?

Aren't the leakers and the press entitled to their alternative facts, truthful hyperbole and such?

Sooo, show of hands, how many think Rosenstein has already sold out his ethics...

integrity and soul to FF45 by signing off on the excuses to fire Comey.

Whether his firing was justified, is beside the point, he was, but did this guy sell out by backing the timing and manner?

North Korea does not test nuclear weapon to mark founders birthday


FF45 has once again saved us from NK!

Watch this will be the scam they will try to run on us all. Spicer will tell us all about it on Monday.

It just struck me....

that is absolutely amazing that only FF45's leadership could lead to a military strike that is as a big a farce as his tweets.

Has anyone seen or heard of the damage done to the Syrian air base?

because I would like to know what our profligate use of 50 or 60 tomahawks got us for a ROI.

Also, since Donnie (Mr. I don't talk about what I am going to do militarily) warned the Russians, how much did he give them to warn Assad. Because we all know that Russia would do so.

What are the odds, you think...

that come next week when Nunes and Schiff show up to the WH to see the proof.........well, they can't find those intercepts. Where did they go?

How long before the GOP, Trump and Secretary Price

start to sabotage the ACA?

Devin Nunes needs a new nickname.....

I am going with Devin "Little Squealer" Nunes.

Just as a homage to his farm boy years and his character.
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