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Thomas Hurt

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Member since: Wed Mar 8, 2017, 12:59 PM
Number of posts: 13,533

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To impeach or not to impeach, that is question....

Pelosi needs to get the Democratic leadership, candidates, DNC all on the same fn page, have a plan and execute.

Unredacted report and tax returns.


Why are the Democrats in the House holding back on the subpeonas?

Just how polite do you have to be to corrupt agency heads who flaunt your authority and oversight?

Afraid to go the court? Better go to court now before the benches are filled with the likes of Scalia and the Beermeister.

Trump is creating his own international crisis to promote his fascist agenda in the US.

Cut aid to Central America
Insult and harass Mexico
Back a coup in Venezuela
Seal off the border
Steal the children of refugees

all to promote the fascist scenario he wants to build his wall.

You don't have a national emergency create one.

Not optimistic - just don't feel confident about this, the snake is going escape

but keeping my fingers crossed.

No SOTU until there is a CR fully funding the gov't for at least a year and no wall funding.

Make Trump declare an emergency and hold his Wall Wanker Speech somewhere else.

Why after 20 years is ABC rehashing the Bill Clinton brouhaha?

Who did Trump blow at ABC to get this dead horse beaten on tv...

Common Man by the Blasters

Blasters song I had forgotten about until I was listening during my Xmas vacation drive. Appropriate for the day.

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