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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,175

Journal Archives

Who gets the money from the Cpac meeting?

Does QRUMP ( or family) get any?

Help me out here. (House passage of the covid package)

There were some RETHUGS in the house that voted to impeach RUMP, BUT NONE voted to pass this package. My question is WHY NOT?

With everything the QTHUGS are doing on a daily bases, I'm thinking

They have ALL DECLARED WAR on America!!!!! That's the ONLY decision i can come up with!!! THEY hate AMERICA! THEY want us like RUSSIA!!

Will CNN and Msnbc cover QRUMPS BULLSHIT?

(I'm leaning to YES they will)

When can we expect Joe's AG pick to

Be cleared by the Senate?

Just saying, Gas here in North Dakota went from $2.09 3 months ago to now $2.59

Is the reason for this to cause trouble for Joe and Kamala? ( i'm thinking YES) Look for $3 or $4 gas soon.

Just wondering here.

What would have happened IF the pipe bombs had gone off? Anybody have any idea how big they were? (was there any bb's in them?) How much damage could have been done? (lost lives) This WHOLE attack could have been MUCH WORSE!!!

My way of thinking is, People will be REALLY pissed at the senators that vote AGAINST the covid bill

$1400 per person $2800 per family and they (QRETHUGS) take this away from them? They are CRAZY!

Senate QTHUGS DO NOT want the truth in these hearings

They are there to PROTECT QRUMP!! TRUTH WILL NOT be found with these fucking idiots asking questions

I just gotta say one more time

The seven rethugs PLUS moscow mitch need to Finally silence RUMP by getting the AG. put in place!!!
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