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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: AK
Member since: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 02:44 PM
Number of posts: 4,639

Journal Archives

This ain't no Bush administration!

Love me some Joe! Out in front of Ian.

Millions of liters of water waiting to be distributed according to ABC footage I watched. The footage was devastating. Joe Biden featured at FEMA HQ to warn of the loss of life expected.

Dark Brandon does it again!

Dems care.

50 Greatest Protest Songs (with vids)

Thanks to Radio X
Sorry for just a link but the link has background bits and all the vids imbedded. Enjoy!


King Bolete time!

Found one big one yesterday in town. Going out in the bush tomorrow if not raining all day. Hope to find chanterelle too.

3 OT missed FG's!! 3!

Bengels miss one

Then Blankenship of the Colts!

THEN, Then, Steelers miss, too!

Unbelievable! OT misses…. Lol.

Bullshit ads

Taking all of the page.
Have to click on X multiple times to get rid of it.

I know. Buy a star…

But I can’t. So there.

And the winner is...

Mary Peltola!!

Anyone been to Scotland recently?

Going to Glasgow and Edinburg in October

My guy is half Scot. Small amount of fam left. We are going mainly to settle his father’s estate. He died just before Pandemic shutdowns. This is his first opportunity to go.

Meeting a cousin of his and another aunt driving up from England while we are there but I obviously would solicit great advice and destination info from trusted DU family. Ten day trip but 3 ish days in each.


Flattop Mountain blueberries!

Spent the afternoon on the mountain picking berries yesterday. These bushes are SO LOW that you practically have to crawl along to get them. But the recent rains made them super huge! Huge berry on a tiny plant. I got somewhere near a pound before my back said no more.

This morning while eating some in my cereal I am pouring over recipes. I want to use them in cooking more than baking. I will make pancakes Saturday morning but will try to use them differently than I usually do when I get wild berries.

Any recipes or ideas would be appreciated.
I will IQF most of them so I can use as I find recipes.

Total BS! Woman under house arrest for stealing Pelosi's laptop

allowed to attend Renaissance Fair.

She asked. Some judge allowed. Total bullshit!


Early results SURPRISE! Democrat Mary Sattler Peltola leads


So far so good Dems! The final count won’t be known until the end of the month.
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