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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Arkansas
Home country: USA
Current location: Arkansas, USA
Member since: Mon May 15, 2017, 08:46 PM
Number of posts: 10,213

About Me

I'm a lawyer primarily representing clients who are being sued. I am a retired Army Judge Advocate. Nothing I post here, including any comments about legal topics, should be construed as legal advice or creating an attorney-client relationship.

Journal Archives

First Day of Early Voting

I usually vote on the first day of early voting when the doors open. I have never seen more than a half-dozen people when I voted.

I arrived 15 minutes before the doors opened. There were probably 45-50 people in line when I arrived. By the time I voted, there were another 45-50 people behind me. AA voters were at least twice their percentage of the population.

I was encouraged.

The Biden campaign appears to have computer data harvesting under control.

I received an e-mail today asking for volunteers for Lawyers for Biden to do poll-watching and take election question calls. Of course, I volunteered. (I think there will be no billable hours on November 3. I need to brush-up on Arkansas election law.)

The interesting thing was that I received the e-mail. The campaign obviously knew that I am both a supporter and a lawyer. My guess is that the campaign harvested my occupation from the information provided in on-line contributions through Act Blue. That tells me that Act Blue is searching its data base for contributors who entered "attorney" or "lawyer" on the contribution form and then passing on the e-mail addresses to Lawyers for Biden. Just thinking to do that is impressive.

How do I get the nifty Lawyers for Biden signature thingy for future posts?

The debate is interesting at my house.

Herself keeps talking to Pence. She assures me that she knows Pence can't hear her but she cannot seem to resist.

Now that Trump and Malaria have tested positive for Covid-19,

does President Biden own Hope Hicks the Medal of Freedom?

It's late at night and I've had more than a little liquor so bear with me.
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